Gay Roleplay Quiz

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  • 1
    One day, you're at school. You're putting your books away in your locker and getting ready to go home for the weekend when your best friend comes up to you.

    "Hey Y/N!" he says. "My parents are out of town for the weekend, so would you like to come over and sleepover for the weekend?
  • 2
    You go home and gather your things. Once you're packed up, you head over to Cole's house. The two of you play video games and watch TV together.

    It's late at night, and the two of you are watching a movie on the TV in Cole's room while sitting on his bed. Suddenly, you feel Cole put his hand on your hand.

  • 3
    When the movie ends, Cole looks at you and says "Hey Y/N, I need to tell you something. I'm gay, and I've had a crush of you for the longest time."

  • 4
    Before you know it, Cole has taken his clothes off and is sitting with you naked in bed. He reaches his hand into your pants and grabs you cock.

  • 5
    You both are sitting in bed naked, rubbing your hands across each other's bodies. Cole begins to passionately kiss you.

  • 6
    Cole grabs your erect cock and begins to suck at it furiously. You throw your head back and moan loudly. You're about to cum when you feel Cole begin to finger your asshole.

  • 7
    You cum in Cole's mouth, and he licks his lips. He then shows you his cock and asks "Want a taste?"

  • 8
    You suck Cole's cock aggressively, and he is moaning in pleasure. He puts a hand on the back of your head to make you take more in. You eagerly suck until Cole cums in your mouth. The taste is like nothing you've ever tasted before, and you love it.

    Cole pulls his cock out of your mouth and turns to your ass and begins to rim it.

  • 9
    Cole is sticking his tongue deep into your ass. You moan in pleasure and beg for more.

    When Cole stops, he jacks himself off for a second before positioning is cock by your asshole.

    "Would you like me to mount you?" he asks.
  • 10
    Cole sticks his dick up your ass and begins to thrust.

  • 11
    Cole grins and takes it harder. You moan and buck along with each thrust. Cole then hits your prostate, and you scream loudly.

  • 12
    Cole is slamming into your ass extremely hard. You never want this to end. He then asks you "Y/N, do you want me to cum inside you?"

  • 13
    Cole floods your ass with his seed, and you moan in pleasure as he kisses you to silence you.

  • 14
    Cole then asks "Hey, would you like to make this a threesome? I have a friend who's also gay and would love it if he could join us."

  • 15
    Cole gives his friend a call. A few minutes later, a naked young man comes into the room. Cole forces you down onto your hands and knees. The other male, who Cole introduces as Alex, shoves his cock in your mouth as Cole puts his dick back up your ass.

  • 16
    Alex moans and cums in your mouth. You drink each drop and lick your lips, only to moan as Cole cums in your ass.

    Cole then gets down on his hands and knees and gives you a choice: Fuck him or be sucked.

  • 17
    You put your dick up Cole's ass, and Cole would have moaned loudly if it weren't for Alex's cock in his mouth. You're ramming his prostrate as hard as you can, and by the look on Cole's face, he's enjoying it.

  • 18
    The pleasure is overwhelming. Cole's tight ass clenches your dick hard, and you passionately kiss him. Alex cums in Cole's mouth and sticks around for a bit before he has to go.

    After a few minutes, Cole asks "Y/N, would you mind if I stuck my cock in your ass before we go to bed?"

  • 19
    Cole sticks his cock up your ass once he gets in position on the bed. He covers you both in the blanket and whispers in your ear "Y/N, will you be my boyfriend?"

  • 20
    And that's the end of my first quiz! I really hoped you all enjoyed it!

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SSomeone (69555)
6 days ago
I had a boner during the test does that make me gay?
Straight nibba (31887)
14 days ago
I’m straight, but got a boner during the test
Yybbnjjjjj (21638)
19 days ago
Me a girl and did this test
❤️ You
Nobody (06739)
25 days ago
I took this quiz and said to never talk to me and I got this You and Cole stay best friends, but you don't go on any dates. You keep everything that happened that night a secret, but the two of you still get together every now and then to have some fun.
Anonymous (26875)
38 days ago
(▰ ͜ʖ▰) came on this
Ryan (40691)
41 days ago
Married to Cole appearently *secretly enjoys this
Austin (63391)
42 days ago
Hey guys im Austin,i took this quiz and i was disgusted ik not homophobic but gee willikers this guy has something wrong in his head i know it's just a roleplay but for real dude every non-disgusting answer i choose he doesn't even care!And at the end it still says 'You and Cole remain just Friends" when i clearly said "Never talk to me again"..Enough of that I need your guys help or girl's help there's a girl i like in my class we know eachother for 5+ yrs. and im not sure what to do ? Should I ask her out?Should I flirt?Im pretty confused if you have some advice tell me.And btw if you live in Arizona you can probably see me in Phoenix i have Neon green hair and diamond earrings maybe you wanna hamg out if this whole thing with the girl i like doesn't work..

Solo (89937)
48 days ago
I loved this😍😍😍😍😍
Anymous (36677)
61 days ago
To 69 well depends did you like the sound of it or want that. If so yeah you could be gay or bisexual I'll be honest I'm gay but I do know there's like a small percentage of girls I like. So I guess you could call me bisexual but I'm mostly gay.
Bigboi (25573)
66 days ago
I’m gay but a bottom so I don’t like it up the butt but the mouth is ok 😜😜😍😍
69 (22600)
70 days ago
Was hard the whole time does that make me gay
Gayboi (23471)
71 days ago
I was hard threw out the whole thing. Now I know that I am gay ^-^
222890 (63301)
74 days ago
Please make more! With hotter a story
Chell (26813)
79 days ago
I'm actually female, but I feel a little more masculine sometimes. I don't talk about genderfluid stuff, but regardless I do get the feeling of being a little more masculine than feminine. This quiz really is making me think that if I were a dude, I'd be gay ...
Anymous (26929)
92 days ago
Something like this happened to me and my friend we loved it but it wasn't a threesome
And yes I'm a boy
Gay (76118)
93 days ago
I cummed 6 times in this quiz please make more!
Gay guy (36677)
94 days ago

He well if we knew eachother you know what I mean 😉
Jack (27318)
97 days ago
I had a boner the hole time and now I know im definatly gay
Gay guy (98249)
104 days ago
I had a boner the whole time
Gayish (54295)
104 days ago
I got a boner while I took this quiz. I would love to have a foursome right now. I love my girlfriend and my gay friend. I’m gonna go have secks now. Bye love you gay people.