What is your Hogwarts house?

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    Brains... or Brawn?
    Don't need either if I have other peoples'!
    Brains will rock this world! (me: and here come the horrifying mental images!)
    Doesn't matter, if I stick to it!
    A little bit of both will get you all the way!
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    Do you prank people for fun?
    Nah. Why should I?
    I have the BEST pranks!
    Just for laughs, sometimes.
    No, it's not really smart, since I might get caught and lose house points, and since I don't really have a reason too.
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    Which, to you, is the best house?
    Slytherins are clever and sneaky! YEAAHHH!
    Gryffindors are really brave...
    Hufflepuffs can do anything!
    Ravenclaw! They're super smart...
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    Which, to you, is the worst house?
    Slytherins are just plain evil!
    Gryffindors are such Mary Sues.
    Hufflepuffs can be so stubborn.
    Ravenclaws are such know-it-alls...
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    Do you like Harry much?
    Meh. He's kinda smart...
    He's totally overrated.
    He's nice, I guess...
    He's amazing! Did you see the way he saved the whole entire wizarding world from Voldemort's evil clutches!
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    Like Draco much?
    Filthy Malfoy...but he did help Harry, I guess...
    He wasn't exactly NICE to me...
    He's kinda sweet, if you get past his barriers...
    He's pretty clever.
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    How about Ron?
    At least he didn't leave them for long...
    He had DIRT on his nose. Gross.
    He kinda slowed everybody down. He didn't help much...
    Such a loyal friend!
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    Lastly, Hermione?
    How did she even become a witch?
    How is she so flippin' smart?
    She belonged in Ravenclaw, but Harry liked her...so shes okay I guess...
    She stayed loyal to Harry and Ron. I appreciate that.
  • 9
    What career path do you want to follow?
    I just want to be happy!
    Anything where I can actually make a difference!
    Dragon tamer, like Charlie!
    A teacher, banker, healer, or minister probably.
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    Last Question: Which is your favorite class?
    I get down to business in everything.
    I rock at everything!
    I like DADA.
    Potions rule!

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Paradise7 ( 44677 )
Posted 146 days ago
Haha im a sythie for 50%! we can be besties! You know, you pretty much did reveal my name haha. No one will ever know !!! Plus i could be a boy ir a girl, if it wasn't obvious.
Katie Cat Lady ( 55665 )
Posted 147 days ago
Great quiz N**! I will not reveal ur name but that was great! I'm a gryffindor yayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!