Am I In Love Quiz?

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Have you ever wondered that the strong feelings you feel for or come across a person might be just a temporary attraction or bam! It's love? Find it out with the help of this quiz.

  • 1
    How much do you think about him?
    Every single minute.
    I'm usually busy but not an hour passes that I don't think about him.
    A lot but not that much.
  • 2
    Do you 100% feel like you're committed towards the relation you share with him? Be honest.
    Absolutely yes.
    I don't know.
  • 3
    How is your relation like?
    We fight, we flirt, we share, we laugh, we're crazy and I feel excited whenever I'm with him.
    We are doing well, we talk and smile at each a lot
    We stick with each other often and I feel warm and comfortable with him.
  • 4
    How do you feel when you see him with another girl?
    I just watch them dumbly and ignore everything after that.
    I'm suddenly very angry and all grumpy and I feel like my heart pain. In short, JEALOUS BITCH!
    I stare at them for a moment and don't give a fuck the other minute.
  • 5
    What do you love about him? Think wisely.
    His hair, his deep eyes, his smile, his everything!
    Pretty much everything and I can't keep hands to myself.
    His nature, the way he does things, his way of talking and understanding, It feels like magic.
  • 6
    Come again. Why do you love it?
    Because he makes me feel all giddy and excited.
    I don't know but I feel there's something deep.
    Cause I feel like a different person around him, and the feeling is very calming and joyful.
  • 7
    What do you see in your future with him?
    We grow strong as ever. We face ups and downs but there's nothing that can drag us down for long.
    We are crazy and chilling like we always are. We are together forever.
    We still share that deep bond which keeps us making go for more and more.
  • 8
    Do you accept all his flaws? Think wisely again.
    He's perfect for me and I'm perfect for him.
    Kinda, I'm slowly preparing myself for that.
    Yes, cause nobody's perfect and I'm willing to cope up with him and his flaws.
  • 9
    Will you be able to handle long distance relationship with him? Be accurate.
    It'll be hard but I won't give up easily.
    Yes, as long as I have him by my side.
    I don't know and I don't think so.
  • 10
    Imagine, you guys agree to go for a break and it's because of his fault but he doesn't realizes it. What do you do until the time he finally realizes his stupidity and gets on his knees for you to get back with him again? *hehe*
    I won't care, even I do a little, I won't show. I'll hang out with guys, girls and party whole night. I ain't the cliche type.
    I'll let the pain go by crying so to make myself feel better. I'll still stalk him on social media and see if he's doing well and if too well, then screw it.
    I'll do everything I can to get him off my mind and try my best to cope up with the pain and ignore. But deep down, I know that he'll always be the one for me.

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Lili ( 85180 )
Posted 132 days ago
yeah thnx honey !
ldpandasparkle ( 49875 )
Posted 133 days ago
This broke my heart. I'm in a long-distance relationship. I only get to see my partner every few weeks maybe even over a month. I cry every night because I miss them so much. I'm sorry but I don't trust this quiz, I love them, and I know because I've never felt this way towards someone before. I love them.