Does He Like You For You (ACCURATE)

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Many of us have been keeping our eyes on that certain guy who makes our knees weak. Over time, you wonder: does He Like me back. Well I promise you that this quiz is as accurate as can be and will answer your question.

  • 1
    When you talk, what happens to his eye pupils?
    I don't really pay attention...
    They're just normal!:)
    We don't talk:(
    They get a little bigger I guess?:/
  • 2
    When you talk with him, where are his feet pointing? just I know?
    At me, I think.
    Again, we don't talk.
    Someone or somewhere else.
  • 3
    What physical contact has he made with you?
    Just a few accidental touches. That's it.
    Holding hands/hugging/holding hands and hugging
    No, physical contact.:(
    Not sure. Maybe a few high fives or so.
  • 4
    How often does he smile at you even when you're not talking?
    I don't really give that much of my attention. Just a few simple ones I guess.
    When I crack a casual joke, maybe.
    He doesn't really...
    He'll smile at my statements, questions and actions.
  • 5
    What kind of conversation do you two have?
    Basically EVERYTHING/almost everything!
    Stuff like what's up. Just about that.
    Nothing. We don't talk and if we do it's just hello or hi.
    We talk about friends, what's going on and what our plans are.
  • 6
    What is his current relationship status?
    He's single and ready for someone/he's single, idk about the rest
    He has a girlfriend, but they're sorta weak
    I'm not sure.
    He has a girlfriend and they're quite strong
  • 7
    What things does he know about you?
    Nothing, maybe my name and age but nothing more.
    Basically everything/almost everything
    Some things, like obviously my age, name and things like that.
    Whatever I tell him, so my favorite sports, games, movies, series etc.
  • 8
    How close are the two of you?
    We're really close!
    We're acquaintances.
    He probably doesn't know I exist. Or if he does, he probably doesn't care that much.
    We're simple friends.
  • 9
    How close are your moms?
    They um, know each other I guess.
    Uh, well they obviously met each other and I guess they're good.
    Oh they're like BFFs or and meet a lot
    I don't think they've met/they're enemies
  • 10
    Does he sort of lean towards you when you're talking with him?
    We don't talk sooo
    Yes, come to think of it, a lot.
    I don't really know
  • 11
    Has he ever called you one of these: cute, pretty, beautiful. If yes, which one/ones?
    All of them/two of them
    Uh...I think maybe cute
    No, but he's said nice/no, not really
  • 12
    How many years have you known each other for?
    Days/weeks/he doesn't exactly know me
    Years and years
    Weeks/2-3 months
    1-2 years
  • 13
    Does he have a crush that you know of?
    Yes, but I THINK he's dropping it?
    I'm not sure
    Yes, and it's major
    No, he doesn't!: D
  • 14
    From the following percentages, how much do you think he likes you?
    Probably 0%-20%
    Uh...idk that's why I'm here?
    Maybe 30%-50%
    I'm actually quite confident about it so 60%-90%
  • 15
    And lastly, did you like this quiz?
    The worst thing ever
    Meh, could've been better
    Um yeah, I guess?
    Totally! It seems so accurate! XD

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