Does she have a crush on you? (Middle School)

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Ever wonder if the girl in class has a crush on you? Well here is your answer.

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    First off: When you talk does she seem flustered or does she blush at all?
    Yes! She turns super red and seems nervous
    No, not at all.
    Kinda, she turns sorta pink/plays with her hands when we are talking.
    Sometimes but she seems pretty chill when we are talking
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    So pretty basic question: Do you ever catch her looking at you and then quickly looking away?
    Yes! All the time.
    Not really.
    Sometimes but not often.
    Yea totally! When I catch away she looks away blushing.
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    This one is important:
    Do you start the conversation or is it usually her?
    It's 50/50
    It's always her.
    It's always me.
    It's usually always me and she is always blushing.
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    How often are you together?
    We usually at least see each other a few times a week.
    Not very often at all.
    We have like a lot of classes together.
    We spend basically the whole week together because of school and other get-togethers.
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    This one is a bit more hard but I need you to be honest: Do you think she likes you?
    Yes. I'm pretty sure.
    I doubt it. I think she likes this other guy.
    Not at all.
    I'm really not sure! That's why I'm taking the quiz!
  • 6
    Has she ever asked about a past relationship/ who you like?
    No. I think she is too shy for that.
    Oh yeah. She seems pretty interested.
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    This one can be a bit more difficult, especially if you're getting mixed signals: Does she consider you as a friend?
    Yeah totally.
    I have no idea.
    I don't think so. We don't talk very often.
  • 8
    Alright work with me here: Do you ever notice that she laughs/giggles at you when you're messing around/ making jokes even when you know it's not that funny?
    Definitely! She always smiles real big and laughs!
    No. She just rolled her eyes and looks away.
    Not really. She doesn't seem to notice me.
  • 9
    Almost done: How long have you two known each other?
    Over the course of middle school.
    Just this year.
    Only like a couple months.
    A really long time!
  • 10
    Last but not least: Does she have dating history?
    Yea. She has dated like the "cutest guy in school" according to the other girls.
    Nope. She hasn't been with anyone that I know of.
    Yeah she's dated a little.

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Ellis (15991)
149 days ago
The TesT Said I Not Sure
value (19452)
150 days ago
wohoo she likes me i am very happy il love so mach
Joseph (42957)
164 days ago
she loves me so much
christian (64763)
204 days ago
YESSS !!!!!!!!!i'm so happy she likes me.