What is my mermaid hair colour, tail colour, and name?

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  • 1
    How long have you been a mermaid?
    A year?
    2-5 years
    All my life!
    Most of my life
    Less than a year
  • 2
    What is your personality like?
    Friendly, talkative, that sort of thing
    Happy, sympathetic, bubbly
    Quiet, friendly, shy, and pretty
    Studious. I work hard.
  • 3
    What sort of style do you wear as a mermaid often?
    Flowing gowns and anemone headbands
    Anything fashionable!
    Bangles, anklets, and thick scarves
    Dark colours and printed clothes
    Sea blooms, sea glass, silk, and soft shades of pastel colours
  • 4
    What would you find in your bedroom?
    Expensive items of clothing all over the floor
    Fabric, sea stamps, and bottles of potions and paint
    Pieces of sea glass, wind chimes, and scallop shells filled with pearls
    Flowers and sea grass everywhere!
    Things I have collected from the sea floor
  • 5
    What do you like to do in your spare time?
    Get messy with paints and chalks!
    Explore a shipwreck
    Swim with dolphins and venture far away into colder waters
    Catch up with friends and go on an adventure
    Get a manicure. A mermaid needs to look her best!
  • 6
    What is your favourite type of weather to be in?
    Anything I can be fashionable in
    A light spring rain
    A storm
    Sunshine and a warm breeze
    Clouds and wind
  • 7
    Where do you go often? I go...
    To the library and the craft store
    To collect seashells and smoothed glass where the ocean glitters and the waves are strong
    To watch catwalks! Mer models are the best!
    Exploring the sea bed
    To the cinema with my friends.
  • 8
    What would your mer teachers describe you as?
    Sweet, pretty, and passionate
    Creative, optimistic and loving
    Happy, talkative and friendly
    Shy, pretty, sweet and calm
  • 9
    Your bed is...
    A giant milky white sea shell lined with sea tissue
    A sea sponge decorated with homemade ornaments.
    A double designer sponge
    A lump of pillows draped with fabric
    A plump cushion with room for sleepovers
  • 10
    Your nails are painted with...
    Sea wax followed with every single colour
    Clear polish and tiny glitter pieces
    Blood red polish
    Stamped geometric patterns in brown and navy polish
    Pale pink and yellow polish
  • 11
    What is your favourite piece of jewellery?
    My opalite ring
    My mood ring
    My pendant with expensive crystal beads
    My colourful friendship bracelet
    My anklet with wooden beads and feather strings
  • 12
    What do you do when it rains?
    Catch up with my friends and watch it rain together
    Curl up with a book
    Hide! I hate rain!
    Catch the water to make marbled clothing with
    Let the water drip on my face and collect the rainwater
  • 13
    How many friends do you have?
    A few
    A couple of friends
    Heaps! I'm popular!
    About four I get creative with
    A lovely group
  • 14
    What is your favourite crystal?
    Orange, brown-speckled stones
    Peach coloured gems
    Bright coloured stones
    Clear gems with a rainbow shimmer
    Polished stones with coloured geodes inside

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Patienc ( 88342 )
Posted 111 days ago
My mermaid names are Siobhan or Alayna­čśé