Does he like you?

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A little quiz to find out if he likes you or not.

  • 1
    Do you catch him staring at you constantly?
    Yes! All the frickin time!
    No, he doesn't even notice me(notice me senpai).
    Yeah, but he doesn't do it ALL the time.
  • 2
    Does he include you in the activities he does with others?
    No, I exist nowhere in his world.
    He asks me time to time.
    He only looks at me but then walks away.
    Yes, he always asks me, even when he knows if I don't like that certain activity.
  • 3
    Does he always touch you? As in hug, hold your hand, or sit/stand next to you?
    Some of them, and I love it!
    Yes! He does all of them! Damn, we are solo perfect together!
    Some of them, but it freaks me out.
    Only one:(
    Ew, why? He's only a friend
  • 4
    Is he shy when you're around him?
    In the beginning, now he's more relaxed around me.
    Sometimes, not all the time.
    Yes, and it's adorable!
    No, he's rather smoother and chill.
  • 5
    Has he ever said that he liked/loved you before?
    All the damn time! But I just blush and give him a smile. But it's only him saying I love you.
    Once, and I said I love you back. That was that.
    Once, but I shrugged it off, acted cool like the girl I am.
    We exchange those three precious words all the time!
    Some days he does, some he doesn't.
  • 6
    Do your friends ship you two? Say you'll be a great couple?
    No, they're actually against it
    Yes, and it's annoying.
    I can picture us together already ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Yes. And they're tots right!
  • 7
    Is he respectful around you? Open the door, pull out a chair, hand you a napkin, you before him?
    No, that's impossible? Right?
    Eh, mostly to other girls...
    Ha! In my dreams!
    Yes, but he does that to everyone!
    Yes! I am so lucky!
  • 8
    Has he ever kissed you? Hand, cheek, lips, anywhere?
    Only one person has kissed me. My mom...
    He kissed me exactly where I want it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Some of them, not all.
    Yes, and I feel like a princess with her prince!
    Only on the lips and cheeks...which is good!
  • 9
    Why are you attracted to him?
    For him choosing to be him, and not to be someone he really isn't.
    His personality, that's what matters.
    His sexy, badass voice.
    The way he manipulates me.
    His looks only! Can't stop thinking of his face and body!
  • 10
    Are you gonna ask him?
    Yes, I just need to plan it out!(and then you ask him out when he has a girl already)
    The next time I see him for sure!
    One day.. (As in never)
    Right now! Thank you!
    No, never. He needs to ask first, hmmph..

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Alexandria Hicks ( 92912 )
Posted 107 days ago
Yay he likes me he likes I