Does that shy guy like me? (Middle school)

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    Does he ever stare at you?
    Not at all..
    Sometimes.. not all the time..
    Sort of... but it seems like he's looking at something else.
    Yes, like a few times a day.
    Yes! All the time.
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    Have you two ever talked?
    Yeah.. like a few times a week.
    Yes! We talk every day!
    It was only once..
    I guess? We have each other for class so that's why..
    No.. (don't worry! Shy guys usually are too shy to talk to their crush.)
  • 3
    Are you two friends?
    Yes! We're best friends!
    He doesn't know I even exist..
    No.. (It's okay, usually they're too shy to make a move.)
    Mutual friends..
    We're friends, but not best friends..
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    Do his friends act different around you? (Like, push him a whole lot, tease him, etc..)
    No, just normal..
    They push him around, a lot.
    Eh.. not really..
    Yes! They always talk and look at me! And push him around!
    They act pretty different, but they're usually really goofy.
  • 5
    Does he usually make some sort of noise to grab you attention?
    Occasionally, he taps stuff. Pretty noisy.
    He's really quiet.
    Not really..
    Ehh.. Only a few times.. not occasionally.
    Yes! He taps his toe, pencil, drops things. He tries everything.
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    When you are around, Does he usually act nervous?
    Not really..
    Eh.. Sorta, he taps stuff, but sometimes he's pretty average.
    I don't really pay attention, but every time I DO pay attention, he does act pretty nervous.
    Yes! He's very quiet, and acts very nervous.
    Nope, he's just normal.
  • 7
    Do you usually always see him in the hallway? (Like when you look somewhere, he's there.. you look somewhere else, he's there! Anywhere.!)
    Not really. Only once. maybe twice?
    Yes! Every single time!
    Sorta.. but I can't really find him sometimes.
    Occasionally! But almost every time!
  • 8
    Do you guys ever text?
    Not really. I only needed to talk to him over some classwork..
    Yes! Every day! He usually sparks up a conversation! Sometimes even for hours!
    No.. we've never texted. (It's fine, they are usually way too shy to ask you for your social media/phone number.)
    Yeah. A few times a week! I sorta spark up the conversation but he also does that sometimes.
  • 9
    Has he ever done you a random favor?
    He does that once in a while.
    He's never done that. We don't really talk! (It's fine, again. They may be too shy to make a move.)
    He always does that!
  • 10
    Do you think he really likes you? (Maybe even love you?) ;)
    I don't think so..
    Not at all.. (Don't worry! There's plenty of fish in the sea.)
    Absolutely! It's pretty obvious!
    Sorta.. I think he does!

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Girl 13 ( 00729 )
Posted 104 days ago
I like this guy and he's normally really loud and funny,but when he's around me he becomes really quiet.
This quiz helped a lot.