ACCURATE 1st period test

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The most accurate 1st period test that will show you around when you'll get it.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts?

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Sophie (61951)
9 minutes ago
Help seeker
I think 6-12 months
Danielle (52477)
9 minutes ago
OMG it said 3 mouths I'm so worried
Sophie (61951)
11 minutes ago
I think 3-6 months
Sophie (61951)
14 minutes ago
I think 1-4 months
Someone ❤️ (18625)
1 hour ago
im like almost got it I’m so scared and I’m only 11 and have about a few weeks
help seeker (16830)
3 hours ago
can anyone pleeze test me

breasts are nearly 32aa [kinda big]
i am 9 yrs old
my mum was probally older[im not sure and in not gonna ask]
no discharge [well i have got marks in my panties but not sure about that]
loads of cravings[junk food is my G]
tons of leg hair if i didn't shave
i am 6 stone
quite alot of hormones[one minuate i hate my mum next i hug her]
not as much arm hair

THANK YOU if you reply
Liliana (53646)
20 hours ago
Happy early Birthday, Emma!
Emma (18097)
21 hours ago
Can someone check plz

·Age 10 (b-day 4 days)
·Moms age 13
·Lot of 💗 hair
·Breasts hurt
·5 foot
·Some armpit hair
·Only had one cramp didn't hurt that bad
·I have mood swings I them every so often
·I have some discharge I use toilet paper (A little weird)
·I have to shave my legs my arms
·💗 have grown
·I weigh 70 to 80 lb
·💗 a little rounded
·I eat junk food all the time
·have been getting lots of peimples

PS:my mom said that she thinks I'm a ready to have it. 😅

Thanks if u check!
Liliana (53646)
21 hours ago
Sorry, forgot to do this earlier
Weight: approximately 105
Height: 4' 11.5"
Autumn (93780)
21 hours ago
age 13
moms age 13
breasts are most of the time very painful when people knock into them
size 32A
discharge every day. sometimes more than other days but always there. It leaves stains in my underwear but I don't want to wear a pantyliner.
mood swings I would say once or twice every other week
no spotting
have had discharge for more than 6 months and probably about 8 months now
havent had cramps recently
have to shave my arms and legs every other day
lots of pubic hair!! I had to cut some so I could wear my bathing suit
My doctor said last February that mine would come in 6 months- 1 year. It has been a year now.
weight 110 lb
have gotten about 3 inches taller this year from a year ago
plz estimate thxs
Liliana (53646)
21 hours ago
Can someone do me?
~Age 12
~❤: Almost full
~Medium discharge almost everyday
~LOTS of pubic hair
~No armpit hair
~Cramps about once or twice a week, makes me feel like I'm being stabbed
~Mood swings about 2-5 times a week
~Mom started at 15
~Hair on legs is enough for me to shave
~Cravings for food happen A LOT, but I sort of am a pig, sooo....
~I've started noticing boys a little bit more lately, like, romantically

Autumn (93780)
21 hours ago
this is just a test I repeat a test
KittyKaja (89760)
💗 = Bo@bs lol it made a such a error
KittyKaja (89760)
age 11
💗 too small for bras (A) but too big for croptops
One or two armpits hair
A lot of pubic hair
No crumps.(idk why)
Height 1 meter 50 cm
Weight 76.6 lb
Hayley (65890)
age 11
Bo@bs a little round
Hair on armpits a few strands
A lot of pubic hair
Cramps once in a while hurts like knives
Height 5 ‘2
Weight 70 lb
Sophie (61951)
Pls estimate:
Cramps: everyday
Mood swings: 3-7 times a week
Bloating: a few times
Spotting: I started 2 days ago, I've had it twice so far
Discharge: quite a lot 7/10
💗: kind of rounded
Pubic hair: stage 2.5 or so, darker than the colour on my head. Idk
Underarm hair: a few strands
Weight 101 lbs
Height: 4'10

Sophie (61951)
Any discharge?
Khloe (24903)
Also lots and lots of pimples
Khloe (24903)
Could someone please do me
11 yrs old
Mom was the same
B@@bs a re round
Training bra
Few stringy armpit hair
Lots of pubic hair
Weigh 85+
Thx for whoever do me
Sophie (61951)
If you want I can estimate you