ACCURATE 1st period test

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The most accurate 1st period test that will show you around when you'll get it.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts?

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Doglover (70705)
11 days ago
I’m 12 years old. My mom got her period when she was 13. My 💗 are starting to round out. Since I was 8 I have had underarm hair and since I was 9 I’ve had Pubic hair which is almost fully grown. I have some discharge but not loads. I haven’t had cramps but I’m very moody and feel like I need a boyfriend. This says I’ll get my period any day now. I’m super scared can someone please help me?
Erika (21822)
12 days ago
I'm 13 and the oldest, most athletic and skinniest person out of my friend group but I haven't gotten my period yet and all my other friends already did. I have been really worried these last couple days because I felt really uncomfortable and thought that I got my period. I did the quiz and it said ANY TIME NOW. Really happy cause for once I can actually know about when that I am going to get it. I also just randomly got a huge crush on a friend of mine really recently and it makes no sense. Which might have seething having to deal with getting my period somehow.
Tefyrb26 (34137)
12 days ago
Thx Burgandy, I was really paranoid the whole day about this. Its probably spotting and Im glad more people have been getting this too. Thx! ˙˘˙
Jor Jor (11022)
12 days ago
Is this quiz accurate?!
It says Any time now, no longer than three months
My doctor said one year about 7-8 months ago, so it might be accurate!!
Wish me luck!!
Burgandy (42126)
12 days ago
Hey Tefyb26 I gother the same thing. I searched things up and it said you might be pregnant or your spotting but a lot of people been geating it.
Emily (72661)
12 days ago
Mine says any day now!!! This is so accurate 😂I'm 10 and I've been having cramps,really bad mood changes, craving,small but round 💗,weigh 80 pounds, crushing on someone,mom got it round the same age,alot of discharge but not everyday, REALLY bad lower back pain,little black armpit hair, blonde but noticeable leg hair.!
Tefyrb26 (34137)
12 days ago
I woke up, put in new undies, went to the bathroom 5 min later and found brown discharge in my new undies. but when i wipe no dicharge is wipe.I have been getting bad cramps, worse than usual too. Im confused....
Is this my period?
Monet (57184)
13 days ago
I’m scared it is in like two months so I’m doomed HELP
there is nothing good about blood growing up and all that crap
Burgandy (42126)
13 days ago
Mine said 3 months too
Rolexi (52658)
13 days ago
Don’t want to share (74760)
13 days ago
It says a year to two years. That’s what my doctor said but I get wet down there but I haven’t had a period. Is the accurate?
Kirsten (80215)
14 days ago
it says mine is coming in less then 3 months and i’m 11, is this accurate
Angela (55957)
14 days ago
I am 11
I am too scared to ask my mom when she got her's
I have rounded 💗
My discharge 'cycle' lasts for four days first two r heavy last two a small
I shave my legs
My under arm hair I small and blonde but shave anyway
I wheigh 88.6 lbs.
I started puberty in fourthish grade
I have mood swings ALOT
I sorties wanna BF
I have had cramps recently.
PLS estimate me!!
Tefyrb26 (34137)
14 days ago
Mine said no more than 3 months, and my cramps have worsened. A. LOT. ;-;
Johannah (72363)
14 days ago
It’s says 3 months or less.. we will see... also I’m going thru deodorant so fast!
Quincy-Chan (72187)
14 days ago
I'm 11 and I first started getting periods in June, but I honestly just took it for fun. It said I'd get my period in 5-6 months.......k......
awesomesauce (23921)
14 days ago
o, and i have a boyfriend
awesomesauce (23921)
14 days ago
boob size: triangles
cup: a
disharge: used to have a lot now not as much; creamy, about 11 months
legs: shave often
arms: shave sometimes
down there: dark straight hair; thin
armpits; a few blond short hairs
cramps: every other day
mood swings: EVERY DAY!!!!
mom age: 12
weight: 57 lbs
started puberty 1.5 years ago
plz predict me!!! thx!
Sydney (71044)
14 days ago
V less then three months**
Sydney (71044)
14 days ago
It said not more then 3 months all get my period I really don’t wanna get my period because is hurts and u stop growing and I’m only 10.. but oh well!