ACCURATE 1st period test

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The most accurate 1st period test that will show you around when you'll get it.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts?

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Autumn (93780)
4 days ago
this is just a test I repeat a test
KittyKaja (89760)
5 days ago
💗 = Bo@bs lol it made a such a error
KittyKaja (89760)
5 days ago
age 11
💗 too small for bras (A) but too big for croptops
One or two armpits hair
A lot of pubic hair
No crumps.(idk why)
Height 1 meter 50 cm
Weight 76.6 lb
Hayley (65890)
5 days ago
age 11
Bo@bs a little round
Hair on armpits a few strands
A lot of pubic hair
Cramps once in a while hurts like knives
Height 5 ‘2
Weight 70 lb
Sophie (61951)
5 days ago
Pls estimate:
Cramps: everyday
Mood swings: 3-7 times a week
Bloating: a few times
Spotting: I started 2 days ago, I've had it twice so far
Discharge: quite a lot 7/10
💗: kind of rounded
Pubic hair: stage 2.5 or so, darker than the colour on my head. Idk
Underarm hair: a few strands
Weight 101 lbs
Height: 4'10

Sophie (61951)
5 days ago
Any discharge?
Khloe (24903)
5 days ago
Also lots and lots of pimples
Khloe (24903)
5 days ago
Could someone please do me
11 yrs old
Mom was the same
B@@bs a re round
Training bra
Few stringy armpit hair
Lots of pubic hair
Weigh 85+
Thx for whoever do me
Sophie (61951)
5 days ago
If you want I can estimate you
Someone (28699)
5 days ago
I got 3 months but took a differant one that said 18 months😰
Sophie (61951)
5 days ago
I think 4-9 months
Redpanda (22406)
5 days ago
Discharge only goes away for a few days
Redpanda (22406)
5 days ago
Estimate me be I don’t trust the test and I’m scared:
-Twelve and a half
-Really watery discharge ( goes away every couple months; had it since before Christmas)
-Sweat a LOT ( but I dance 13 hours a week soooo...)
-Lots of armpit hair very thick
-A little bit of long pubic hair, but it’s stopped growing.
-Mom got hers at 13 but both of my sisters got theirs before then (11&12)
-Breasts are small but my sister had small breasts too when she got her period
-weigh 83.5-85.5(weight changes a lot)
-some mood swings
- 5’3”
- crave a lot of things but I’m a bottomless pit soooo.
Please assess me because I want to know!!!!
I'm so confused! (80234)
5 days ago
For 40 % you are: You could get your period ANY TIME NOW. Carry a sanitary towel around with you and a spare change of pants. I would say you won't be waiting more than 3 months now. Good luck!
58 % of 34995 Quiz participants had this profile!

Your results were not clear.

You could also get this result:
For 40 % you are: You'll probably get your period in around FOUR MONTHS - SIX MONTHS. However you may get it a few weeks before or a few weeks after. But I would carry a pad just in case.

So what is it? I'm so confused!
Kristen (79455)
5 days ago
Agh hope this is accurate
abby (65269)
5 days ago
guys please estimate

im 11

i have hair (down there) thats darker than my hair on my head and i have a medium amount of hair in that area and its starting to curl a little

i get alot of mood swings and i can be mean sometimes :/

my mom had her period at 12

i just started getting armpit hairs recently and my armpit hairs are growing more

the hair on my legs and arm are getting noticeable

im getting some discharge here and there sometimes i would have to change my underwear

and my breast are bearly growing i mean there really small compared to a NORMAL 11 year olds chest and im really insecure about it i would look it the mirror everyday before i went to bed and turned to see if they grew and my insecurities started when i met a boy named joshue on the internet and he made fun of me because of my breast size i hope my breast will be normal soon :( but go ahead make fun of me for being insecure about myself :(
Sophie (61951)
6 days ago
I think 4-8 months
Me (57515)
6 days ago
Lol sorry about the eblue thing
Me (57515)
6 days ago
Hi, could someone please help me?I am 11, 12 in early May.I weighed 40.7 kg last time I checked.I have done another quiz other than this one, this one said in the next few days no later than 3 months, the other said 4-8 months.My breasts are rounded, they started hurting about 6 months ago, visible changes in size about 5 months ago. They hurt lots to touch.I have really sore cramps about 3 times a fortnight.I have had a small amount of discharge once about 2 weeks ago.My mum got her period when she was 15 or 16 but probably because she was raped when she was 6.I have hair done there dark and about halfway grown, which all grew in about 1 1/2 weeks.((eblue)

I have a couple of very light, very short armpit hairs.I started needing deodorant 4 months ago.I am sweating more than I ever have before.
Anonymous 666 (73384)
6 days ago
Is this accurate?If so help...