ACCURATE 1st period test

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The most accurate 1st period test that will show you around when you'll get it.

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    What shape would you describe your breasts?

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Jess (01543)
31 days ago
Avery- carry around a pad and talk to a trusted adult about it. Feel free to ask me I took the test about a month ago and then got it a week after. Any questions u can ask me
Celeste (35723)
31 days ago
Omg in 4 or 6 months omg and 50% chance.You know whats weird like months ago I never had discharge and like 5 months later I got discharge!? And I have been getting cramps and getting 11 HELP ME
Izabella (86062)
31 days ago
Help I want to figure out when I get my period
Kate (29397)
32 days ago
Helpmeee. Can u figure out when I will get my period?
I have hair down there
I have lots of discharge for around a year
I’m pretty much flat
I’m 12
I smell pretty bad all the time
Pleaseeee helppp meeeee
Brooklyn. (75140)
33 days ago
Shannon: I have red when i wipe but i dont have my period, I would say maybe 1-2 months.
Kiera (45851)
34 days ago
OMG it said any time now!!!! I won’t be waiting more than three months!!! I’m so excited :)
Lulu (23257)
34 days ago
70%- any time now!!!!!!
Alivia (40375)
34 days ago
To Shannon:
Hey girl!
Based on what you said, I think the time when you went to do business and the whole Chrystal clear and red stuff situation was your first period. As of that, you should start carrying a pad and extra undies just in case it happens somewhere outside of home.
Hope that helps
Shannon (19328)
35 days ago
Red* lmao sorry for bad spelling I'm rlly tired
Shannon (19328)
35 days ago
Got 90%
I've taken 16 quizzes they all say under 3 months or 1 month
Or 1-3 months
Anyone wanna estimate me?
-13 yo
-have had pubic hair in both places for s year and a few months
-Shave my legs everyday
-I've had spotting probably Around 5 months ago
-Mood swings every second legit ugh
- cravings lord I've never ate so much..
-Dishchwrgw has ruined all my undies and I can feel it when I walk
-about 2 hours ago I went to go pee and the water was obviously crystal clear and then there was read before I threw the toilet paper in
Pretty sure that was my first period
- mom got it 14
- I think it was my period but I don't know if it's fommmon bc I've had sporting before x
rosebudluna (53889)
35 days ago
60% any time now I've had every single symptom all in one day today ._.
I am 13 in 22 days and my mum and sister got theirs when they were 13, so could I still get mine before I turn 13 in 22 days?
Coconut (86316)
36 days ago
can I trust this? I hav etaken like 5 tests and pretty much all of them say that 1-3 months or so. I am scared€€/!€/(&/7(&
Madison (43065)
37 days ago
It was so weird taking this test, but in I good way. When she asked if I had been craving junk food, i was literally eating a snickers bar. When she asked if i had been sweating a lot recently, I literally wore a tank top to school today and i was still sweating. When she asked if I needed a partner, I literally just got cheated on by my first bf (technically he wasn't my bf, but I still loved him) ;) . Hopefully, she is right about me getting it very soon because I'm in high school now and I still don't have it
Avery (32576)
38 days ago
OH NO!!! I got anytime now. Anyone have advice?
Mallory (53920)
39 days ago
Please evaluate mine!!
I'm 11 yo
I'm 5'0
93.6 ibs
Have discharge almost everyday
Wear a cups
Idk know when my mom got hers I think 12yo
ElenaTaUnicorn (87924)
39 days ago
Also girls don't be afraid to talk to your moms because I did after health class and she made me feel I can tell her anything she will confort you and make you feel ungrossed out believe me
ElenaTaUnicorn (87924)
39 days ago
All the test I take say 4 months or less and I'm 10 and in 5th and all my friends are older and wear bras but have no 💗 but I wear an AA cup and I've had pupil hair for a year. Discharge 3 months , I started shaving leg hair 2 months ago , my mom and her mom got theirs at 11 and my mom said she's thinks I'm getting my period in the range of 6 months. I am developing WAY faster than any of the girls
Tonna Karie Gossard (47036)
41 days ago
I need some help figuring this out- I took two test one said one month and this one said anytime now. Mt height is 4’ 9 and my weight is 89.8 and I have had discharge for about two years now and I’m modeie everyday. I’ve been wearing bras sence 4th grade and I’m a small sports bra and an A cup and B cup but I’m only 13 and in 8th grade so please give me some insight I really need to know. I don’t want it but I do I’m just tired of being scared to have it in white cloths and stuff. My mom and her mom had there’s ending 12 turning 13 but I’m 13 and about to be 14 so please help.thank you so much -Tonna karie-
The girl (00700)
42 days ago
Im 9 and it said 3 months im happy but scared
Impatientgirl:/ (96724)
42 days ago
Im 13 and 2 months. Im sooooo friggin impatient ALL of my friends got theirs and i just feel so left out bc they are always talking about them while i just nod my head in the backround acting like i understand but i dont bc i havent had mine!!! But for 80% it says ANY TIME NOW (within 3 months)