Which character from "Oklahoma!" are you?

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Even if you haven't seen the musical, this is where you find your true Oklahoma spirit. You'll learn more about the five main characters in the process, and that might convince you that they are truly amazing characters that come from a truly amazing musical. I advise you to see Oklahoma as soon as possible if you can.

  • 1
    If someone you liked asked you on a date, would you accept?
    Yes, of course. I am flattered they asked me... I did not think I had a chance! I have to go get cleaned up.
    Obviously! I have been trying to date them for years and years, but they're just so stubborn!
    Sure, partner. Don't you go liking those others. I'm yours, and you know I want you to be mine - all mine!
    Of course I will! After all, I just can't say no!
    No, no, and no. I will not give in to my stupid heart. I'll go with someone else - just to spite them.
  • 2
    Would you kill for your other half?
    No, but I'd get into a real big fight with that flirt whom they kissed! Oh, I'll just get my hands on them... Ah, yes...
    Yes. Oh, no you don't... I'm gonna get you with this knife thing I've got right here in my hand! Don't you take my girl/guy!
    No, but I'd get into a real big fight with that Persian peddler... whom they almost married! Oh, I'll just get my hands on them... Ah, yes...
    Maybe... I don't know, I might... I don't really want another half... I'm already complete...
    Of course. I am NOT letting that dirty excuse for a person grab the one for me.
  • 3
    If someone makes you mad, what do you do?
    Kiss them!
    Slap them right across the cheek and tell them, "No more stealing my love! We're getting married... You can't have this one! Find another! Maybe that super annoying one who has the horribly shrill laugh!"
    Refuse to go to that social you thought about going to with them.
    Get over it.
    Kill them.
  • 4
    What is your idea of the best day?
    Annoying the one I like by telling them they'll never get me. Basically, playing hard to get.
    Going to Kansas City and winning $50 to spend on gifts for my crush!
    Kissing my love and having fun.
    Peeping at my crush through the window - when they're getting dressed...
    Riding through the plains and asking out my crush, talking about a carriage with a white fringe on top.
  • 5
    If you could do anything, what would it be?
    I keep talking about kissing. Well, that's what I like to do!
    Go to Kansas City and get fifty dollars
    Slap my crush for lying about a carriage!
    Kill my crush and their significant other.
    Get married! To my 3 year crush!
  • 6
    Your favorite song is about?
    Me being dead.
    Giving me everything and committing to our love.
    The beautiful morning.
    How lots of days will go by before I get married.
    How I can never ever say no.
  • 7
    Your crush is? And do you think you have a chance?
    The handsome good singer. Yes, they've been asking me out for years.
    The carefree cowboy/girl. Yes, they've asked me to marry them and I consented!
    The stubborn one, and I do not have a chance which is why I will proceed to (accidentally) kill myself.
    The carefree one who can't say no or stop kissing people. I think so, they almost got married to someone else but now they're engaged to ME!
    The stubborn one. Oh yeah, and I will save their life later!
  • 8
    If I told you you had to die now or else, how would you kill yourself?
    I'd burn myself to death. Oh cool, a haystack is even better!
    I'd burn myself. Oh, why did I turn on them like that? They wouldn't have died! It's all my fault!
    I wouldn't.
    By using a toy that can convert into a knife. It was intended for someone else but I guess it's better this way, I never had a chance with the one I love anyway.
    I'd do a stunt on a train, with my horse, and fall. Oops, sorry!
  • 9
    Why would you want to kill yourself?
    My crush doesn't love me. At all. Period.
    My crush is too stubborn to ever love me.
    I flirted too much, this was the only way to restrain myself.
    My dear love is getting married to a PEDDLER! Of all people! My life is worthless!
    I am stuck, keep being independent and be with the weird dirty person or give in and never be seen as stubborn again! And that's not all, I was threatened by death! I must put my mind at rest now!
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz?
    Yes! You had things about kissing! That's my favorite hobby!
    I guess. I mean, I like it, but I have to be too honest with you.
    No, it made me think about my lost love which makes me want to punch somebody
    Kind of, it made me think that I might have a chance with my crush though they're getting married... Wait, no, that's not right! I just got word - the wedding is called off and my dear love is all set and ready to marry me!
    Sure, it made me realize that I do have a chance and that I can love my love like the lovers we were meant to be!

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