Gay scenario quiz

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Hi! I am 12 and this is my first quiz. This is the one because I am screwed up in the head but who cares! ^.^ I am gay, and I embrace it with my friends. If you need to talk, just message me via email!

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    You and your friends are at a sleepover at your house. You get chosen and you get dared to sleep with your best friend for one night alone. When it gets that time, he cuddles against you with his dick on your ass and its gets hard. What do you do?
    Run out of bed.
    Slap him and yell at him
    Enjoy it and leave him alone
    Blush lightly and stay where you are but maybe move him

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Josh (31937)
4 days ago
Hahahahaha us LGBTQ people Are to open. Oh please gay people have had to hide the fact they were gay their whole life. It’s different now that it’s more accepting but what do u expect. Why the hell wouldn’t we be open if it’s something we have had to keep a secret for so long in the past. Btw I’m hella gay
Anonymous (51496)
11 days ago
Larry (74803)
28 days ago
I am gay and love it
Abby Wood (97437)
35 days ago
Im ansexual and pan so idk waht to do XD lol
Anymous (36677)
37 days ago
Oh really 😉😉😉😉
Gay4Life (06529)
40 days ago
I'm gay.
Anymous (36677)
44 days ago
My friend is being a jerk and prancing me by telling people I'm gay and I am but you know people get bullied for it plus I think some girls have a crush on me but I'm gay and I have a crush in a boy
Gay Guy 69 (37061)
44 days ago
This made me so hard #supergay 👬😜💓
Wolf (50010)
45 days ago
I got the result I expected GAY I am nearly 14 and some if mf frends
Know if my sexuality all ready + I am disabled so go to seperat
Changing room for PE were me + 2 frend are much more open
And true to our selves. Ps if you want advise in high school
And what you can and cant realy do then leave a coment I
Will try to respond :)
Anymous (36677)
47 days ago
Austin did you know you can just shut your gob. You know if he says he is gay. He's gay. And what does gay mean let's see oh yeah you enjoy the same gender and fantasise about then well some and I do. Yeah I'm 13 so what. You know your calling someone's kid a pervert how about you feel ashamed
Gilbert Davenport (61750)
48 days ago
i need bf im gay boy ;) bottom and top results are AWESOME
Anymous (36677)
48 days ago
And yes it was a boy
Anymous (36677)
48 days ago
Who else got a bit turned on by some of the scenarios
Anymous (36677)
48 days ago
Someone at school asked me out. Tempting but I said maybe
Because I need to think about it
Hunter (62103)
49 days ago
I'm 13 to and I walk to my friends in the or lunch in front of everyone tap them on shoulder when they turn around I kiss on the mouth my friends mostly straight hole school see me coming they get out there phones kissed half school just a joke kiss one guy to another doesn't make you gay.some get mad as hell there learning.L.O.L. Hunter the happy gay boy
Anymous (36677)
49 days ago
The only issue with being gay at my age 13 is that you have to keep it secret because god knows what my friends will think. Well one knows but they say they will keep,it secret though he's not gay
Hunter (62103)
50 days ago
Good test for 12year old but I'm not bi maybe bi curious little bit but I'm straight
Jimmy (02028)
50 days ago
I'm 13 and I'm gay thankyou for this quiz
Anymous (36677)
51 days ago
I'll be honest I'm 13 but it's good to know someone round my age feels the same things as I do
Austin (72589)
56 days ago
12 years old? Wow for a child, you're a pervert. You honestly should feel awful, and regret this quiz. I advise you, for the best, take this down. This is emberrasing. (I notice gay people are far to open about sexual stuff, shame on LGBT.)