Gay scenario quiz

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Hi! I am 12 and this is my first quiz. This is the one because I am screwed up in the head but who cares! ^.^ I am gay, and I embrace it with my friends. If you need to talk, just message me via email!

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    You and your friends are at a sleepover at your house. You get chosen and you get dared to sleep with your best friend for one night alone. When it gets that time, he cuddles against you with his dick on your ass and its gets hard. What do you do?

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Josh (95423)
199 days ago
It's just a test but I got so hard doing it.
Imsupergay69 (11735)
201 days ago
Yes! I'm gay and I love it! (Btw this made me SUPER hard)
FuriousArchitect (63000)
205 days ago
Oh wow i found my own quiz im DUUMB even my boyfriend says I'm an 💗
big 8- (94103)
207 days ago
weird ... really weird ayyy whats up
Bi man (31206)
209 days ago
This quiz literally gave me an erection
2222224456677 (63301)
211 days ago
they some are really interesting scenario in here also make it more hot and details
Nick (25527)
212 days ago
Generally (52138),

Of course it is. You are who you are. Don't let anyone tell you different. People hate what they don't understand and what they think is wrong. It is not wrong! God loves us all the same.
Generally (52138)
213 days ago
Is it ok for me to be gay?
Am I crazy (24403)
214 days ago
I swear to you their was a comment about making out with waffles a week ago and now its gone so im wondering weather or not it ever existed. Also when is that sequal coming
Themostgaylord (13279)
216 days ago
I got hard at everything then cummed
lordofcinders (96953)
217 days ago
I got hard on all of the actual scenario questions, especially the ones involving getting pinned X#3
2222224456677 (63301)
228 days ago
Make more of them but more detail
TheVander (94481)
235 days ago
Man, the only person I agree with in this comment section is called Homophobe :D
And I don't get 9, how can you PLAN to get an OLDER brother? And the we don't want another kid doesn't make sense either.
BTW I'm straight and I know it, I just do these to waste time at night, lol
Hiput (10094)
268 days ago
It really helped me decide I have been teetering on the line of being strait and gay. I do like a girl she's kind and buetiful but I don't feel as if she feels the same way. But now there is a cute boy I like he is quite kind funny but a little on the wild side I don't know how to tell him I am not sure and that I like him.
zach (97162)
272 days ago
i giggled at these and am not gat 100% not gay
Gaylord (64325)
275 days ago
I love being turned on (&gay). And make another scenario quiz please but much more hotter
Bisexual (08650)
278 days ago
Make more quizzes but more sexy
Bi kid (33289)
280 days ago
Lol that first scenario is goals, cuddles with a random boy, yes pls
Homophobe (37191)
285 days ago
Another gay retard *Yawn*
Your nothing special kid
Not sure (25347)
286 days ago
I loved it >w< make another one plz!