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This test is only for the ultimate Harry Potter fans. Think you're a Harry Potter nerd? You might need to reconsider...

  • 1
    What color was Aunt Petunia coat when the Dursley's were preparing to leave?
    Royal Blue
    Deep Purple
    Emerald Green
    Baby Blue
  • 2
    Which five people impersonated Harry using Polyjuice Potion?
    Ron, Bill, Mr Weasley, Remus, Tonks
    Hagrid, Hermione, Fred, George, Tonks
    Charlie, Hermione, George, Fred, Hagrid
    Fleur, Bill, Charlie, Mundungus, Dedalus Diggle
    Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Fleur
  • 3
    What was Harry's fake identity at the wedding?
    Piers, a cousin
    Barny, a cousin
    Tom, a nephew
  • 4
    Who got angry at Ron while impersonating Cattermole for it raining in his office?
  • 5
    Where did Hermione apparate Harry and Ron when they escaped the ministry?
    A clearing by the shrieking shack
    Forest by Little Whinging
    The forbidden forest
    The woods where the quidditch match was held
  • 6
    What was written on the monument outside Harry's old house in Godrics Hollow?
    A strange symbol
    Good luck wishes to Harry
    Signed Names
  • 7
    What did the locket tell Ron when he tried to kill it?
    Forever unwanted by family
    Second best, always.
    A disgrace to the name of wizards
    Not worthy of being Harry's friend
  • 8
    Why didn't Wormtail kill Harry in the basement of the Malfoys house?
    Ron stupefied him
    Dobby distracted him
    Bellatrix yelled for him to come up
    Harry said he owed him
  • 9
    What color was the dragons eyes in Gringotts?
    Fiery Red
    Milkily Pink
    Piercing Blue
  • 10
    What injuries did Neville have when he came out of the portrait?
    Bruised hands, arms and face
    Long scratches up his arms
    A large cut across his forehead
    Black eye, Cuts on his face
  • 11
    What did Neville and his friends lob over the castle walls during batte?
    Large rocks
    Jars of blistering potion
    Dragon Fire

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Lily ( 78936 )
Posted 76 days ago
There were acutally six impersonating him,not five. Mundagus was to along with fred,george, hermione,ron and fleur