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A second quiz about British rock band The WiLDHEARTS

  • 1
    How many tracks feature Ritch Battersby on drums when the band's debut album was reissued in 1994?
  • 2
    Name the artist responsible for the artwork onThe Wildhearts' second studio album PHUQ.
    Danny Deen
    David Heulun
    Small Japanese Soldier
  • 3
    The B-side on the 7" of Urge saw the band perform an unrecognisable cover of the country and western classic Lost Highway. Who wrote the song?
    Leon Payne
    Hank Williams Snr
    Johnny Cash
    Dolly Parton
  • 4
    EastWest released the compilation album Best of the Wildhearts in 1996. Which is the only track that is exclusive to this release?
    Beautiful Me, Beautiful You
    I Wanna Go Where The People Go (early version)
    29 x The Pain (1996 version)
    Sick of Drugs (Radio Edit)
  • 5
    In 2008, the Wildhearts released a covers album with a difference: the songs and/or bands were lesser-known cult classics.
    Track 13 saw the Wildhearts cover a song by a little known band called Regurgitator. What country were they from?
    New Zealand
  • 6
    Who produced the 2009 album Chutzpah?
    Simon Efemey
    Ralph Jezzard
    Jacob Hansen
  • 7
    What was the last official promo video that the Wildhearts made?
    Destroy All Monsters
    Top Of The World
    The New Flesh
    The Only One
  • 8
    Former bass player Scott Sorry hails from which US city?
    New York
  • 9
    Ginger released a controversial comedy country and western album called World Of Filth under the pseudonym Howling Willie C**t.
    On the LP's opener, how many ways were suggested for killing your baby?
    5 Million
  • 10
    The artwork for the 2007 self titled release features a portrait of four band members. No cheating.....from left to right, what order do they appear in?
    Ginger, CJ, Ritch Battersby, Scott Sorry,
    CJ, Ginger, Scott Sorry, Ritch Battersby
    Scott Sorry, Ritch Battersby, CJ, Ginger
    Ritch Battersby, Scott Sorry, Ginger, CJ
  • 11
    Guitarist Mark Keds (in)famously was a member of the Wildhearts very briefly before ominously leaving/being sacked.

    How many songs did he record with the band?
  • 12
    Do The Channel Bop self-references one the band's own songs? Which song is it?
    TV Tan
    Cold Patootie Tango
    Dreaming In A
    Sky Babies
  • 13
    Another artwork question. The Japan only released mini-album Riff After Riff After Motherfucking Riff features only two members on the front cover. Who are they?
    Ginger and Stidi
    Ginger and Danny
    Ginger and Ritch
    Ginger and CJ
  • 14
    Who mixed the Wildhearts' mini album Don't Be Happy Just Worry?
    Ted Jensen
    Chris Lord-Alge
    Al Clay
    Terry Date
  • 15
    The Wildhearts released a limited edition passport-style version for hit single I Wanna Go Where The People Go.
    What words appear on the crest underneath Smileybones?
    If Pride Is A Memory
    Don't Be Happy Just Worry
    I Wanna Go Where The People Go
    Mondo Akimbo A Go
  • 16
    Danny McCormack returned from the wilderness in 2015 with The Main Grains.
    Name the opening track on their debut EP.
    Fine By You
    We're Happy Round Here
    I'd Rather Be In California
  • 17
    And sticking with the Main Grains song Unscrewed, who do the band say you'd beat in a race after you've had a (little) bit speed, vodka and coke?
    The police
    Your probation officer
    Usain Bolt
    Mo Farrah
  • 18
    Wildhearted CJ and Willie Dowling both played in Honeycrack. Who played drums for them?
    Hugo Degenhardt
    Fyfe Ewing
    Ritch Battersby
  • 19
    After the Wildhearts went on hiatus in 1997, Ginger formed the side project Clam Abuse with Alex Kane.
    Who is credited as playing some drum tracks on the album?
    Kieron Pepper
    Sean Moore
    Mike 'Spike' Drake
  • 20
    The Wildhearts first EP and mini album featured the drumming talents of Bam.

    What band was he in prior to joining the Wildhearts?
    The Almighty
    Dogs D'Amour
  • 21
    What was Ginger's second solo album called?
    Market Harbour
    Ghost In The Tanglewood
    Valor Del Corazon

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