How much of a serial killer are you?

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Find if you possess the traits of a serial killer!

  • 1
    A person falls on the street. They start bleeding. You:
    Run up and start treating his wounds
    Walk away
    Stand there and laugh
    Call for help
  • 2
    Your friend tells you he is going to the movies. You have English homework due tomorrow. You:
    Say no but end up not doing it anyway
    Go to the movies anyway. Why not?
    Say yes and throw away your homework
    Politely say no and finish your homework
  • 3
    Some guy comes up and slaps you for no reason. You:
    Give him a spinning roundhouse kick and a mouthful of fist
    Cry and run away
    Walk away
    Slap him back
  • 4
    Do you care about being popular?
    Not a lot, but I try to impress
    No, I think people are weird
  • 5
    Has something traumatic ever happened to you?
    Yes, I think about it a lot
    Yes, but I'm over it
    Not that I remember
  • 6
    Have your parents/grandparents ever been to jail?
    They never told me about anything like that
  • 7
    Have you ever tricked someone to do what you want?
    No, never that's mean
    Every once in a while
    Yes, all the time!
    I've only done it a couple times
  • 8
    Do you ever feel completely calm?
    Never. Is this normal?
    I go most days without feeling calm
  • 9
    Do you ever get paranoid?
    Most of the time, no
    Sometimes I get really paranoid for no reason
    I have a huge fear that I obsess over
  • 10
    Are you lonely? Answer honestly.

Comments (9)


💗 (30612)
3 days ago
I got 100% well at least I know my future occupation
serial killer (54331)
4 days ago
lol serial killer.....hehehe
MaClovia (67220)
10 days ago
"You are a normal person. You can get aggressive at times, but nothing too serious. Enjoy a normal life!"
Dylan (91153)
11 days ago
Im 100% serial killer.
People better watch out
*Says walst sharpening a knife*
Yetakrill (01765)
15 days ago
It says I'm normal but oh was it wrong๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€
AprilIsCool2023 (66669)
29 days ago
how im so nice but is says im 100% a serial killer
Prince devitt (09107)
49 days ago
It's AWESOME. i always care other people thing. this quiz show me the same.
Mangle (73822)
52 days ago
Yay i don't kill cereal!!! Cause if it said i am a cereal killer i would have said NUH I DONT EAT CEREALLLL
Person (09451)
57 days ago
I know I shoudnt take this seriously, but, it says I'd never hurt a fly and I've KILLED mutiple flies! Good quiz