Which Warriors Clan Do You Belong To?

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  • 1
    Which setting sounds the most appealing to you?
    A craggy mountainside with spots of flora
    A wide, hilly field full of dry brush, completely open to the sky
    A still pine forest, the ground covered with pine needles and moss
    A wet marshland full of reeds, a rushing river always in earshot
    A lush green forest, teeming with life
  • 2
    You discover a cat in your clan has become mates with someone from another clan. What do you do?
    Inform the clan leader immediately.
    Confront them and express your disapproval, but do nothing.
    Drop hints of their betrayal to the clan, but never say it outright.
    Do nothing; it's not your place to intervene in their romantic life.
    Keep an eye on them, but otherwise do nothing.
  • 3
    A cat very close to you was killed in battle. How do you mourn?
    I isolate myself in sadness, somewhat angry at the killer. I move on eventually.
    I sulk, but death is a part of battle. I do not hold a grudge against the killer.
    I miss them deeply, but I still have a duty to care for my clan. The killer hardly comes to mind.
    I mourn them, holding a grudge against the killer; but I know that death is a part of life and holding a grudge won't help.
    I vow to get revenge on the killer; I will avenge the deceased's honor.
  • 4
    A violent storm has swept your territory. Who is the first person you look for in the chaos?
    I try to save the first cat I can get to; there's no time to be picky.
    I look for my littermates, without them I wouldn't be whole.
    The cat closest to me; they are the most important thing in my life.
    I look for my leader; their safety should be prioritized.
    I help the queens and kits, for they are the most vulnerable.
  • 5
    How do you treat the other clan cats at gatherings?
    I am shy, keeping to the sides and not drawing attention to myself.
    I'm very sociable, eager to socialize with other cats.
    I am quiet and polite when spoken to, but otherwise I keep to myself.
    I sit close to my clanmates, ignoring the other clans for the most part. I don't care much about them.
    I socialize with others confidently, friendly and welcoming.
  • 6
    Which coat colors are the most appealing to you?
    Darker shades; blacks and browns
    Silvers and whites
    Lighter shades; browns and whites
    Browns, grays, and reds
    Any color is fine by me, I enjoy variation.
  • 7
    It's winter, and prey is running low in your clan; cats are going hungry. How do you try to solve this?
    I hunt for as long as I can, even if my efforts are fruitless. Eventually I will find something.
    I scrounge up plants and bugs to eat. I will not steal from other clans, but we must survive somehow.
    Do nothing. A cat is either strong enough to survive, or they aren't; there's nothing to do about it.
    I try sneak prey from other clan's territories. They won't miss a few morsels.
    I ask the other clans for donations of prey. I have no other choice.
  • 8
    You are out hunting when you scent an unfamiliar cat on your territory. It is no clan scent. You follow the trail, and eventually you find the cat resting beneath a tree. He looks tired and hungry. What do you do?
    I chase him out of my territory, giving him some claw marks to remember me by.
    I give him a stern warning to leave, offering to escort him off the territory if he is lost.
    I act friendly, asking where he's from and why he's here.
    I threaten to attack him if he doesn't leave.
    I question him, warning him that this is clan territory and he will be chased out or attacked if someone else were to find him here.
  • 9
    It comes to your knowledge that your clan leader is near his final life. The clan deputy is young, but she is unreliable and shirks her duties. Her leadership would lead the clan to its demise. What do you do?
    I express my dislike of the deputy to my clanmates, in hopes they will agree. The leader will have to notice her irresponsibility if the whole clan is talking about it.
    It is not my place to ask the leader to replace the deputy. I work extra hard, in hopes I may be chosen as deputy next and guide the new leader.
    I subtly take over the deputy's duties, in hopes the leader will realize I would be a better deputy.
    I do nothing, as it is not my place. I pray that the clan will somehow survive through her leadership.
    I confront the leader about my doubts. He is old, but he must listen to reason.
  • 10
    Which value do you think is the most important in clan life?
  • 11
    You are a clan leader. At a Gathering, one of the other leaders accuse your cats of stealing prey. You are certain the accusation is false. How do you react?
    I am upset, but I hide it. I tell them they are wrong, but later tell my deputy to keep an eye out for cats hunting on enemy territory.
    I am visibly upset. How dare they?
    I make no reaction, assuring them that your clan are not prey-stealers.
    I am offended, but I try to keep the peace. I tell them that if they find proof, then they can come to me.
    I am shocked, but not upset. I will confront my clan about this later, just in case.

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