Which Song twin are you?

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Just so you know, the Song twins, Linh and Tam Song, are elves from the holy KOTLC series, created by the all-powerful Shannon Messenger. Seriously, if you don't know them, look them up. Right now. Or take this quiz to find out which one is more like you! Pretty please?

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    First off: Sorry! I haven't made any quizzes in a long long long long LONG time, so sorry to any of you awesome people who were waiting for quizzes! Which would be nobody. Sigh. All right! Enough yapping! The question: How pumped are you to start this quiz!
    Meh...I'm taking it because I'm bored. Don't get any ideas...
    I like chocolate.
    Pretty excited! I hope it's good!
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    So: Heh, this one's totally obvious. What is the first step to making friends?
    Chocolate is my friend.
    Evaluation. How many dark secrets do they have? I don't need friends.
    Well, it'll take a while...I need to get to know them...hopefully they won't leave me...
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    Are you night or day?
    Day! Happy mostly, kind, sometimes shy, and nice, but I can get carried away.
    Chocolate will be with me day OR night.
    Night. Deep, mysterious, not exactly likable at first glance, but endearing.
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    Every day, you are ridiculed for being twins. What so your reaction?
    I won't let it get to me. They don't know me anyway!
    HOW DARE THEY MOCK MY CHOCOLATE! (Me: And just when I thought the world was sane...WAIT! Your twin is CHOCOLATE!
    I love my sibling. We're stronger. We can fight back.
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    How will you use your power?
    I'm going to use it to be aware of who I can and can't trust, so I can stop them from hurting anyone I love...
    I'll use it to keep people happy and heal them.
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    What's you're opinion on friends?
    They keep me up when I'm down...They trust me! I love them for that...
    Chocolate is my only friend. (Me: Three is a crowd, right? *sigh*)
    They're there when I need them...and there when I don't. They're cool, but if they ever leave me, I'll have my sibling.
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    What would you most rather do in your free time, if not saving the world with friends?
    Read a book, hang out with my sibling, or ogle my beautiful crush...
    Eat chocolate!
    Draw, or practice my power, so it doesn't go out of control and destroy Atlantis, like last time...
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    Your parents let you get exiled because you were an embarrassment to them, and were damaging their lives...What do you say to that?
    I'll go and eat more chocolate!
    I almost feel bad for them...almost. Not cool AT ALL!
    They're dead to me. Me and my sibling will be stronger.
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    How awesome are you?
    I daresay... I am beautiful, no matter what they say...YEAH!
    Dude. That's not a question. I'm awesome. Like, insanely awesome.
    I like chocolate. (Me: Wow. Yeah. I TOTALLY had no idea.)
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    Last Q: Did you like this quiz? Yes, it counts. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THIS QUIZ! HAVE AN AMAZING LIFE! YOU DESERVE IT! BYE BYE! *blows kiss*
    Why thank you! And yes, it was a nice quiz...
    You too. I just wanna see my results.
    I wasted all my chocolate eating time...

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