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  • 1
    Who REALLY got Sam out of the cage?
    Dean - making a deal
  • 2
    Who was first put on lock-down in the panic room?
    Sam - He needed to get the demon blood out of his system
    Bobby - he was a demon
    Dean - he was going to say 'yes' to Michael
    Cas - he was working with Crowley to kill Raphael
  • 3
    Where did Sam get shot by a werewolf in season 11?
    Around his/below his ribs
    Right leg
    Skimmed his head
  • 4
    Who was Dean named after?
    He wasn't named after anyone
    The hunter who made the gun that can kill anything
    Mary's mother
    John's dad
  • 5
    Who was Sam named after?
    Samuel Colt
    He wasn't named after anyone
    A rifle
    Mary's Dad
  • 6
    What was the last seal to the apocalypse?
    For Dean to kill Sam
    For Sam to kill Lilith
    For the tortured to torture
    For a human to become a demon
  • 7
    Why did the angel Anna want to kill Sam in season 5?
    Cause she's a meanie
    He started the apocalypse
    She was being forced by another angel
    If Sam was dead then Lucifer would have a vessel
  • 8
    How did Charlie die?:(
    Demon Dean killed her
    The wicked witch killed her
    The Stynes killed her for information
    Dick Roman killed her when he was a leviathan
  • 9
    (wicked easy) What does Crowley call Sam?
    Giant Flannel Dude
  • 10
    In the last episode in season 12, who dies?

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uni ( 35086 )
Posted 17 days ago
ummm crowley died too!! He had to sacrifice his life so he could seal the tear, remember! Cas died because Lucifer made it through the tear long enough to grab the blade and kill him
amz ( 34993 )
Posted 74 days ago
Dude half your answers are wrong i was watching supernatural when i took this quiz you need to brush up on your supernatural facts