When will I get my first period?

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Well this probably isn't accurate because I myself haven't even started my period so this is just gonna give a rough estimate.

  • 1
    How old are you?
    8 or less
  • 2
    Do you have hair down there?
    None, I'm bald!
    Light thin hairs
    Getting darker
    Full bush
  • 3
    Do you have boobs?
    I'm flat like a wall
    Breast buds, just started developing
    Pointy and small
    Halfway developed
    Full like a woman
  • 4
    Do you have discharge (white goop)? For how long?
    What's that
    A bit every once in a while, got it recently
    A moderate amount for 1-5 months
    Tons! I must wear pantyliners! for 6+ months
  • 5
    Have you had a growth spurt?
    What's a growth spurt?
    Nope, I've been growing the same.
    Somewhat like 1-3 inches pretty quickly
    Yeah I grew super fast in a short amount of time (4+ inches)
  • 6
    Have you been more interested in guys recently? (romantically and um.. sexually)
    Guys? ewwwwww
    Yeah, I have a crush
    Yup I kind of want to do you know what ;)
    I'm in a relationship already!
  • 7
    Have you been moody lately?
    Nope I'm always happy: D
    My entire life is an emotional rollercoaster!
    Sometimes one minute i'll be happy, next minute i'll be sad
    Rarely but it happens
  • 8
    Have you been sweating more recently? Does it have a different smell?
    It's the same as before ._.
    I sweat all the time, and it stinks!
    I sweat more than usual now but it smells the same
  • 9
    Have you experienced cramps or spotting?
    None of them..
    I get cramps all the time, and i've had spotting a few times!
    Just cramps every once in a while.
    Just spotting.
  • 10
    How old was your mother when she got hers? (its reaaally important so please be honest)
    I don't know
    Around the same age as me
    Younger than me
    A little older
    1+ year older than me

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cutie pie 3000 ( 84806 )
Posted 48 days ago
well descent enough you might get it this year or next year just always be prepared(speaking from experience) you'll never know when it will come stay prepared
and btw i long got my periods so idk what she meant when she said 1yr 3months oh please try to estimate again
Decent enough ( 96554 )
Posted 52 days ago
Hi, can someone please estimate me
1. I am 12, 13 I'm August, 124 Lb, 5'6
2. I have had discharge a good amount for 2 years
3. I have tons of pubic hair 1.5 years fully developed. Not as much armpit hairs, they're getting darker
4. My breast have been developing for 3 years, rounding out, I'm an A cup
5. I have arm and leg hair pretty noticeable, I do shave though
6. I get a lot of painful cramps, bloated, cravings: anything sour, Hawaiin rolls stuff like that, more headaches, more sweat, and mood swings.
7. I haven't spotted yet
8. My mom got hers when she was 11, my grandmother had hers when she was 10
1. I have acne not that much, and my breast are tender and they hurt when I slightly touch them

Thank you if you answered
Someone ( 77487 )
Posted 62 days ago
Jannat- Don't worry you can still grow for 2 years
after your period.
This other person XD ( 07626 )
Posted 70 days ago
Person: OMG ME TOO you ain't alone
Person ( 49826 )
Posted 71 days ago
I've had discharge for 2 years and every sign of puberty. But I'm soooooo flat, I'm 13 in 8th grade and I have the 💗 of a 4th grader, is this effecting my period?
Mave ( 33918 )
Posted 79 days ago
Mine said 1 year to 3 months and I just got it so this isn't true
Jannat ( 59311 )
Posted 80 days ago
It said that mine would arrive nearly a week or 2 weeks.... I ma excited....i am fully grown... woow... but I wanted to be a bit more taller... my height is just 5.2... I wanted 5.7 or 5.8...