When will you get your first period?

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15 Questions - Developed by: Holly - Developed on: - 12.942 taken

If you are a tween or teen wondering when your first period will come, this test will give you a rough idea of when to expect it

  • 1
    How old are you?
    9 or below
  • 2
    How long have you had discharge, a gooey or creamy substance in your underwear, can be clear, white or yellow(awkward, I know)
    6-8 months
    +1.5 years
    Eww, I don't have that!
    About 1 year
    2 months or less
  • 3
    How much discharge do you have?
    I have so much I have to wear pantiliners!
    I get it every day, and there is quite a lot
    I get it about once or twice a week, and a little bit (maybe a bit stringy)
    Just a little bit, I don't get it too often
    I said I don't have it, ew!
  • 4
    How are your boobs feeling?
    They hurt to touch quite a lot!
    They hurt to touch slightly
    They are fine, no pain at all!
    I can't even lie on my side without them hurting!
    They have slight pain if I have impact on them (such as walking in to something)
  • 5
    How big are your boobs?
    My nipples have started to bud (get bigger or slightly change)
    They come out a bit (AAA-AA
    An A to B cup
    I'm flat!
    A C cup or bigger
  • 6
    What shape are your boobs?
    Just budding nipple!
    Quite small, but rounded out or rounding out
    Pointy and triangular
    Proper womanly boobs
  • 7
    Sorry if too personal, but it's important, how much do you weigh?
    100+ pounds
    Less than 60 pounds
    75-85 pounds
    85-100 pounds
  • 8
    What about your pubic hair (hair down there!)
    Completely bald!
    Hair the colour as on my head!
    Long, curly, full and bushy, kind of like a forest!
    Dark and maybe starting to curl
    Some blond hairs growing
  • 9
    How long have you had pubic hair for?
    3-6 months
    6 months to one year
    I don't have it!
    Over one year
    I started growing it about 3 months ago or less
  • 10
    Do you have armpit hair?
    Quite long, covering more area, maybe starting to curl!
    Full and bushy, covering the whole area
    Some blond ones
    Some, the colour of the hair on my head
    Little dark ones, starting to grow (not too long)
  • 11
    Have you have a growth spurt recently?
    4-5 inches
    2-3 inches
    1 inch
    5+ inches
    Nope, just normal growing
  • 12
    How are your leg hairs?
    Same as they always have been
    Like a teenage boys legs
    Hairs are a bit darker or longer
    It's quite a bit noticeable
    Dark and spiky
  • 13
    Have you had any mood swings?
    Every day
    About once a month
    My whole life is an emotional roller coaster!
    Once a week
  • 14
    Have you had any cramps (below the belly button, or on your back)
    About once a month (not very painful)
    About once a week (moderate pain)
    Every day (moderate pain)
  • 15
    Finally, any food cravings?
    Once a week I crave certain things
    I crave something every day
    Nope just eating the same as always
    Once a month I crave certain things

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person ( 24383 )
Posted 49 days ago
EMMAnems i am the same as you except i am 12. you will probably get your period in less than 6 months. maybe ask your mum when she got hers because you will probably get your period within a year of her ( but this is not always the case, it can be up to 3-4 years after or before your mum)
Molli ( 74647 )
Posted 52 days ago
Age: 12
Mom got hers: 13
Crave: sweets and salt
Weigh and hieght: 106 and 5,1
Discharge: a lot for 1 year
Pubic hair: curly and dark not full
Under arm hair dark and starting to curl
Cramps: 1-2 a week
Brest: AA cup been growing for 2 years
Acne: 5-10 pimples a week
Brest are sore I can't lay on my side
Very moody lately
Sweat: smells different and slit more of it
I started puberty 2-3 years ago
Decent enough ( 96554 )
Posted 54 days ago
Hi, can someone please estimate me
1. I am 12, 13 I'm August, 124 Lb, 5'6
2. I have had discharge a good amount for 2 years
3. I have tons of pubic hair 1.5 years fully developed. Not as much armpit hairs, they're getting darker
4. My breast have been developing for 3 years, rounding out, I'm an A cup
5. I have arm and leg hair pretty noticeable, I do shave though
6. I get a lot of painful cramps, bloated, cravings: anything sour, Hawaiin rolls stuff like that, more headaches, more sweat, and mood swings.
7. I haven't spotted yet
8. My mom got hers when she was 11, my grandmother had hers when she was 10
9. I have acne not that much, and my breast are tender and they hurt when I slightly touch them

Thank you if you answered
Someone ( 77487 )
Posted 63 days ago
The test doesn't seem to give anything under 2-6
months. 1-3 months is the lowest on my scale.

EMMAnems- 1-3 months, or 1-3 after you fit B cup.

Lexi- 3-6 months because of your weight. Most girls
get their period when they weigh 100lbs (pounds).
You might just be a small/skinny person. If so, 1-3

Dhdhdbhdbd- 1-6 months because you're only an A

Emma- 1-6 months. It will be closer when your hair
down there is darker, thicker, etc.

zharnaé- 6-12 months. The rest of your body needs
to catch up to down there.

Unknown123- 6-12 months. Once your breaths ;) are
round you will be closer to the time.
Unknown123 ( 52092 )
Posted 70 days ago
Can someone check my info???
Im 11 years old
Mom got hers at 14
Lots of discharge (usually everyday)
83 pounds
Triangle sized breasts, growing more
Some dark pubic hair
Not very much underarm hair, only a few blonde strands
Medium amount of leg hair (blonde)
I have been craving things more than usual
My breasts hurt VERY bad whenever I bump into things
Moody more than usual
What do you think??
Somebody once told me ( 04941 )
Posted 71 days ago
For everyone here, you should probably just stop worrying about when it'll come. Continue to live your life and enjoy being young while you still can! It'll come when it comes, every body works at it's own pace. No two people are the same. Carry around something with you just in case you get your period. Good luck!
Jdkajs ( 99058 )
Posted 71 days ago
This is not accurate for me it said 2-6months an i got mine first time
Last week
zharnaé ( 30167 )
Posted 71 days ago
I forgot to say I have been having discharge for 2 years plus
I started puberty 2 years ago plus
zharnaé ( 30167 )
Posted 71 days ago
here's my info if someone can help:
I'm 13
my mom got hers at 15 my sister got hers at 14
I have SO much discharge EVERYDAY I have to wear a panty liner
I way 84 pounds
my breast are triangles probably a AA-A
I have SO much pubic hair in all the places possible I have to shave at least once a week if not more
sometimes I crave savoury food probably once a month
when I crave things I sometime s get cramps
my breasts don't hurt as much as they used to but do if I touch them
I get moody a lot probably every fortnight
Emma ( 84340 )
Posted 72 days ago
My info
I'm 12.5
My got hers at 12 my grandma got hers at 11 and my sister
got hers at 13
I have alot of discharge
I way 94 lb
I can almost fit in b cup
My pubic hair is the color on top of my head and is starting to curl
I have to shave my armpits every day and my legs every other
I have so much cravings for salty foods especially cheese its
I have moderate pain cramps like every other day
My 💗 hurt so much
I'm soo moody but try to contain it but can't
Dhdhdhdbhdbd ( 35852 )
Posted 73 days ago
I'm 12, turning 13 in a few months I'm going into grade 8.
My mom got hers between the summer of gr. 7 and gr. 8.
I have a lot of discharge every day and this summer I will have that going on for 2 years.
I weigh 94 pounds.
In September 2016 I was 4'11" and now I'm 5'1.5". So I've grown around 3 inches in 10 months.
I'm an A cup.
My pubic hair is very dark and curly, I've had it for a long time now and it almost covers the whole area.
I have armpit hair and leg hair. I have to shave regularly so I don't look like a warewolf.
I'm always wanting chocolate and when I'm alone I'll eat milk chocolate chippits galore.
I have two little sisters so that makes my strange outbursts all the more worse. I feel like I'm constantly fighting with myself and others. I tend to cry and then laugh because I had no clue why I cried.
I get cramps about once a week or every two weeks, they aren't that bad.

Would someone be able to give me a ruff estimate?
Alyssa ( 29011 )
Posted 76 days ago
I already have my period and it says 2-6 months so it's not that accurate
Lexi ( 78013 )
Posted 76 days ago
Help here's my info:
I am 11
My mom had here at age 12
I have a lot of discharges
I weigh 64 pounds
I've grown almost 3 in in the past year
I can almost fit in a b cup
My pubic hair is very dark darker than my hair color and it's very long and curly
My armpit hair is very long but a little lighter than my hair color
My leg hairs are very long and I have to shave
I have mood swings every day and I fight with my family a lot
Cramps are bad almost every day
The quiz said 2-6 months
EMMAnems ( 28184 )
Posted 76 days ago
I forgot to put that I had spotting just yesterday...I don't think it will be 6 months but thx
Emma ( 04944 )
Posted 76 days ago
I'd say 6 months for you
EMMAnems ( 28184 )
Posted 76 days ago
Hi, if someone could do me here's my info:
I'm 11, turning 12 in 2 months
I'm 104 pounds
I have loads of discharge everyday(almost) it seems like for forever
I can almost fit a B cup
I'm stage 3 going on 4
Pubic hair is curly, looong and jet black except does not cover all of area
I SHOULD shave my legs, but to nervous to ask mom 😂
My armpit hair is starting to spread to more area, dark and getting longer
Cramps not to bad, bout every week
Last summer my foot size went from 4 to 8
Grown at least 3 inches in past year
No mood swings, but get irritated REALLY easily and fight with parents all. the. time.
Thx if someone can help me(FYI the quiz said 2-6 months)
Maddie ( 27004 )
Posted 77 days ago
Hi mimi2005 you've got around 5 or 6 months

Also you should try my quiz its the first one on page 9 of this search "when will i get my first period" and I will estimate anyone (girls only)
Mimi2005 ( 37988 )
Posted 77 days ago
I just noticed that when I said : b o o b s, it changed it to [BEEP]...
Mimi2005 ( 37988 )
Posted 77 days ago
If anyone can help here is my info:
I'm about 11.5 years old
I have a big amount of discharge almost everyday
I've had discharge for about 6 months
My 💗 are almost an a cup
I don't have too much leg hair but definitely noticeable
I've been growing in high my a lot lately like 3.5-4 in.
Cramps about 2-3 times per week
Emotions changing a lot but not too much
I hope that someone can help me with this info! (Btw the quiz said 2-6 months)