Does your crush like you?(BOYS ONLY)

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Heyyy guys! So I'm a girl and I know how girls act when they have a crush, so if you want to know what are your crush feelings, take this quiz.(It's pretty accurate)

  • 1
    Do you talk?
  • 2
    Do you compliment your crush?(BTW It's a good way to catch attention)
  • 3
    Does she laugh on your jokes?
  • 4
    Does she text you?
  • 5
    How do her friends act around you?
  • 6
    Does she fix her hair, clothes when you are around?
  • 7
    Does she treat you better than your friends?
  • 8
    Do you ever caught her staring at you?
  • 9
    When you walk through the hall she:
  • 10
    What type of guy you are?

Comments (13)


Maria (09090)
33 days ago
What the heck? If a girl smiles at you, talk to you, wave to you, etc. Its concider as she likes you?no!!!
She's just being kind and friendly
Burris (91454)
75 days ago
Ong really I'm a girl and I took. Tish BC I did not know how obvious I was being bit thos test is absolutely garage I like him waaayyy more than just a little
Com tickles (89434)
75 days ago
This result just broke my heart! I caught her looking at me a lots I looks at her a lot. We all ways see each other at the hallways at school .I try not to look at her know what I'm talking about. She is soooo hot.
Egg (16059)
88 days ago
For gods sake you're all pathetic. This is coming from a girl now - ask us out. Just be nice to us and talk to us and actually make an effort not just sit in a corner staring at us and taking 💗ty quizzes like this. Get on with it.
Brody (75415)
91 days ago
The result made me sad 😢
William (15087)
151 days ago
It's so hard finding a quiz that asks about how long you've known her. It's been 11 years!
hello (91203)
174 days ago
It said she kinda likes you but doesn't know you that well.... She's my best friend
StarshineSC (44346)
177 days ago
AND WHAT'S THE OTHER 50 PERCENT!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Elinor2002 (61315)
200 days ago
I am going on a trip with a group of friends. My crush is coming and he joked about sitting next to me on the plane. I have not liked anyone as much as this since my ex boyfriend dumped me for my best friend 2 years ago. I literally liked him for 1 year after that. How do I tell my new crush I want him to sit next to me on the plane.
a girl (54269)
203 days ago
I'm a girl and I took this bc I wanted to see if I was sending the right signals to my crush, and it said that I may like him, its 50% chance... I really like my crush so...
Erik (97315)
205 days ago
Do you think my crush likes me if she helped me fund a private helicopter company so we can help each other systematically eliminate the bourgeoisie?? Asking for a friend
girl (50113)
220 days ago
if ur crush says I guess ur kind of cute she prob like u bc girls don't rly compliment normal boys like that
Dat dude (05484)
223 days ago
What does it mean when your crush says I guess your kind of cute?