Lesbian Test

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A quiz made with the hope of creating a more accurate, genuinely helpful online way for girls who are questioning to figure things out, even just a little. Made especially for those struggling with compulsive heternormativity. All wlw welcome.

  • 1
    Who have most of the men you've felt like you had a crush on been?
    Celebrities and fictional characters
    Men you know well and talk to regularly
    The "popular" guy, often falls into the "bad boy" stereotype
    Never had a crush on a man
  • 2
    When you envision a man you could possibly be with long term, what do you see?
    Clear features of the man's face/body, specific things you'd like to do and see, long term plans
    A sort of amorphous blob of a man that you can't really make out specific details of
    Someone you already know and like
    Someone who looks vaguely like a celebrity or other man that you know other people consider attractive
  • 3
    When you think of having sex with or being in a relationship with a man, what do you feel?
    Like it would be bearable at best
    That is sounds good
    Like it sounds repulsive
    You aren't sure
  • 4
    Give yourself ten seconds. Think of every man you consider attractive that you can. How many did you get?
  • 5
    Now, think of every attractive woman that you can. How many did you get?
  • 6
    Who, in general, do you focus on in (heterosexual) kissing or sex scenes of movies and TV shows?
    The woman
    The man
    Neither or both
  • 7
    Do you struggle to relate to heterosexual romances?
    Only on TV
    Only in real life
  • 8
    Do you ever interpret platonic fondness for a man as a crush?
    Yes, all the time
    Only sometimes
    No, I can differentiate between that and my romantic feelings for men
  • 9
    Do you feel unexplainably happy when seeing gay couples in public?
    No, I'm indifferent
    Sometimes it makes me feel anxious for no reason
  • 10
    Separated from all politics, prejudices, discrimination, etc, does the idea of being with a woman make you feel happy?
    I'm not sure

Comments (30)


Myka (89627)
4 days ago
Didn't like this test. The answers don't accurately describe how I feel in response to many of the questions.
that one lesbian (48463)
32 days ago
ok im sorry but where are all of u??? actual lesbians exist other them me??? please hit me up on my group gay acc on insta @ohmydayswedagays and like say im a gay or something idc just like ask for Shadow cuz like where are u and can i know u???
that one lesbian (48463)
32 days ago
"your pretty 💗 gay" of course. everyone knows. I totally am
Ugh. (90623)
58 days ago
it said i'm pretty 💗 gay
some girl (09171)
76 days ago
I was having issues about being bi or not, but this test did help me. now that I know I am "pretty 💗 gay" 🏳️‍🌈 dunno how to tell my friends now that I told them I was bi... :) (F13)
Anon (55122)
77 days ago
Pretty 💗 gay 😂 true
Eve (23091)
89 days ago
I was told to keep looking. I think I may be bi. But I feel different when I'm with boys and when I'm with girls....
With boys I feel less comfortable. I don't really like that many.
But with girls I'm comfortable.... I can be myself and not have to worry about judgement, especially with my friends..
anonymous (79503)
91 days ago
Wow..this test was surprisingly accurate! I was honest and didn't really care about the outcome. The answer was I'm pretty 💗 gay. And I am. Learning to love my lesbian self..
Isa (27334)
93 days ago
"You're pretty 💗 gay" I actually thought that I'm bi but well, I think I have my answer now... xD
Anonymous (84745)
93 days ago
You are awesome. I'm a fifteen year old girl confused about my sexuality and your quiz helped me. I mean instead of giving me questionable answers you gave me the direction to get my own. Omg I just realized how long this is sorry. Bi and proud
elle (41700)
97 days ago
im a (single 13) lesbian and proud to be
Rae (04689)
99 days ago
I'm lesbian, single, and proud :D
Mj (13933)
100 days ago
The test doesn't even know my sexuality lol. SEND HELP I'M SO CONFUSED! I know I'm not straight, but I honestly can't Tell if I'm lesbian, bi, or pan.
MS (48228)
102 days ago
"There's a good chance you're bi, pan, ace, gay, straight, or anything in between". Great test, thanks for helping me figure it out >:(
Grace (65568)
113 days ago
im so confused. i identify as bi and now it says im lesbian. ughhh love is confusing!!
midmidmid (48188)
117 days ago
im straight, just needed a little reassurance.

kudos to all of you bisexual/lesbian girls out there!
CherryWine (71942)
118 days ago
Actually, this test revealed nothing new as I had realised it before that I was bisexual, but I think it's really good, accurate and helpful for some people c:
Ginger Ninja (81555)
120 days ago
I already label as bisexual, so really, I didn't need this test. But from all the quizzes I have taken about sexuality, this is most definitely the best and most accurate. I'm 13 and single.
Shei (04689)
125 days ago
This is a wonderful quiz. It's opened my eyes to a whole new world. I'm a lesbian and proud of it too. I'm also 14 and single 👭
Diaperjuice (12939)
129 days ago
Im a guy. So I guess im a lesbian then.