What Miraculous character are you?

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Find out what Miraculous character you're most like!

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    You see your crush look in your direction. How do you react?
    AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH *internal screaming* quickly look away so he doesn't notice you were staring at him/her
    Umm...blush and awkwardly say hi
    Run up to them and start hugging their arm and telling them about how cute they are!
    Casually say "hey!" and maybe high five them to act chill
  • 2
    Your friend tells you their deepest darkest secret and asks you to not tell anyone. Do you keep it a secret?
    Of course! They're my friend and they deserve my trust and respect!
    Keep it? I'm immediately telling EVERYONE I know!
    I will definitely try, I mean I respect their privacy...but sometimes secrets accidentally slip out...
    They can always tell me their secrets, because I'll either forget the next day, or I wasn't paying attention in the first place.
  • 3
    Your friend forgot their lunch money. What do you do?
    Sorry to hear that.
    Here, have half of my sandwich!:)
    Wow, how immature. you forgot your own lunch.
    Again? *sigh* alright, I'll buy you a lunch, but just this once!
  • 4
    A girl in your class is being bullied. What do you do?
    Grab some popcorn and watch it happen. This is good entertainment and gossip!
    Immediately confront the bully about what they did and sweetly help the girl
    Transform into ladybug and help them!
    Tell the bully to stop or you'll beat them up.
  • 5
    A child drops his lollipop. What do you do?
    Aw man, that really sucks, kid. I'm sorry
    Oh no! buy him a new one
    EWW! don't let that sticky thing near my new shoes!
    Oh no! quickly pick it up, wipe it off, and hand it back to him
  • 6
    You are stressing over your crush. What do you do?
    Make cute posters of him/her and tape them all over my wall!
    Shyly keep it to myself
    Talk to my kwami about it
    Vent to my best friend about it
  • 7
    You are sick at home, but you have a test today! What do you do?
    Yes! I missed the test!
    Aww man! I'll try to make it up as soon as possible when I get back to school
    Bummer, hey at least I don't have to worry about taking it yet.
    Call your teacher and ask if you can take it at home
  • 8
    On average, about how many friends do you have?
    My best friend Is all I need to be happy:)
    I'm the most popular kid in school!
    It's just me and my best friend!
    I have a small group of friends:)
  • 9
    What's your schedule like?
    I have to adjust to multitasking
    I'm not too busy, but I'm not always free either
    Oh my gosh, my schedule is packed all the time!
    I have so much free time, I don't know what to do with it all!
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    How'd you like this quiz?:)
    It wasn't bad!
    Meh It could be a lot better
    It was alright
    That depends on my results

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