What is your sexual orientation

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Are you confused about your sexual orientation? Take this quiz to help figure it out!

  • 1
    Picture this...
    You are kissing someone, and they want to go to "The Next Step". Are they the same or the different sex?
    Picture this... You are kissing someone, and they want to go to "The Next Step". Are they the same or the different sex?
    The same
    The opposite
    I don't know, either, I guess.
  • 2
    What are expecting/hoping to get as a result?
    Bisexual, I guess
    Gay, I think.
  • 3
    Are you closer AS FRIENDS with the same or the opposite gender?
    Are you closer AS FRIENDS with the same or the opposite gender?
    Mostly the same gender.
    Mostly the opposite gender.
    Both, I get along with everyone.
  • 4
    Have you had any sexual intercourse with people of the same gender?
    Yes, and I liked it.
    Nope. Not my thing.
    No, but I have thought about/want to in the future.
  • 5
    Have you ever had sexual intercourse with people of the opposite gender?
    No, but I want to.
    Yes. Definitely!
    Nope, not my thing.
  • 6
    Do you have daydreams about the same or opposite gender?
    Mostly the opposite and rarely, if never the same gender.
    Mostly the same, but sometimes the opposite.
    Both, I guess.
  • 7
    Okay, you're going well. Keep it honest, it will give you a better and more accurate result.
    Have you had sex or hope to have sex with the same or the opposite gender?
    The opposite gender.
    The same gender.
    I'm still a virgin and don't really know.
  • 8
    Are you or anyone in your life homophobic? (Homophobic- Against people being attracted to the same sex)
    Yes, I am.
    Other people, but not me.
    No, and no one else either.
  • 9
    Do you sometimes look at people of the same gender as more than a friend?
    Sometimes, I guess.
    No, that's weird.
    All the time!
  • 10
    Do you ever look at people from the other gender as more than friends?
    No, that's weird.
    Yes, but hardly ever.
    All the time.

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Lilly (91329)
19 hours ago
Hey why doese it matter (73390) I love you!
Lilly (91329)
19 hours ago
Who wants to be my friend or die if you don't I will make you go to penny wise at 3AM! OooHhhhh
Lilly (91329)
19 hours ago
Keemstar shut your mouth you are a ugly .#Keemstar Ash Hole!
Why does it matter (73390)
2 days ago
Hello lovely people ☺
%uD83D%uDC6B%uD83D%uDC6C%uD83D%uDC6D (68101)
3 days ago
Well I'm 40% bi yay I guess I guess we will have to see 😊
Linley (70197)
11 days ago
Hi everyone. I am 72% of maybe being gay ;)
Vix (56525)
25 days ago
There is this new girl in my school, and I like her, she also is not gay... I'm not even gay! But I like her..
Hunter (62103)
46 days ago
I don't no if i can keep being honest these test. Had 4 people ask me about being gay.
J A K E (46538)
47 days ago
I just want to let everyone know that this is just and only will be a quiz. A quiz can not tell you who you are. It is you that must do that. If you are questioning, then look deep into yourself. Please don't believe what a silly little quiz will tell you. ❤
Hunter (62103)
48 days ago
I'm not gay you word the question so it makes me look gay.
Lacey (53078)
73 days ago
I'm Gay! Now I get to look at all the girls in my school. But they probably aren't gay :(
keemstar (56669)
86 days ago
I'm only 5 years old and I'm gay hahaha
Ethan (67684)
92 days ago
I really like this test it tells the Truth
Rose (92027)
94 days ago
This thing says I'm 50% bisexual, 30% gay and 20% straight...but I'm not sure about that ...gay is okay but I like to be straight
Jermei (64624)
100 days ago
Apparently I'm not straight and I'm either bisexual or maybe gay.
Bob (35857)
106 days ago
I am Bisexual and I am currently in a relationship with a man. My previous relationships consist of men and women.

I am also glad I have true friends who support me even though I am bisexual. But there is nothing wrong with liking the same gender.
Edin Hrustic (50847)
109 days ago
I am gay. I always knew it. This test just confirmed the obvious.
mike (65394)
110 days ago
Love girls but I definitely would like to try same 💗 Says I'm gay.
Alex (05839)
110 days ago
Remember everyone, This test doesn't conclude if you're gay it's just an accusation.
It christian (64456)
111 days ago
I'm straight and I dislike gay people