When will I get my first period?

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Let's be honest, it's something all young girls worry about, so I developed a period test to give you some peace of mind..... When will YOU get your first period?

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    How long have you been in puberty?
    I'm not!
    Less than 6 months
    6 months - 1.5 years
    1.5 - 2.5 years
    2.5 years +

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Kawaii kat (84162)
Oh good 10 months to 1 year and a half I’m only 11 and i heard the average age is 12 I don’t want to get it now
Amy (58179)
7 days ago
Rb it's gonna be okay. Every woman goes through it. If you need help ask your Mom she knows what she is doing.
rb (85893)
17 days ago
It said 2 months AGHHHHH someone comment and tell me it’s gonna be ok
unikittorn (21203)
22 days ago
I know I was being super pathetic but now me and that guy are happy friends and we aren't planning to get together or do anything and I was just overreacting and I was tired and it was like 2 in the morning lol but yeah and nobody has to estimate me any more because ive gotten my period recently(few days ago actually)
Egg (16059)
28 days ago
UniKittOrn you're being pathetic. You might think you're in love but you're way too young to actually understand and to be in a relationship where you do stuff. You're body isn't ready to be having regular💗at that age and you'll regret anything you do. A friend of mine had the exact same problem as you when we were younger and as soon as she gave him what he wanted they broke up. He started spreading rumours about her and she was so upset about it. You're too young. Just wait
Mel (97939)
73 days ago
hey everyone I'm Melllll
So btw on other quizzes I commented under my full name, Melanaka but to make it easier to spell I decided to put Mel instead
So I'm 12 going on 13. Will be 13 in around 1 month
My mom got hers when she was 14 so she was about a year older. However, she was a late bloomer. She was flat chested until she was 14-15 and I wear an 32a bra already
So I do have hair down there. It is almost full grown, it just needs to get thicker. But it is dark and curly and covers a lot of the area (sorry, kinda graphic)
I have some armpit hair that is dark brown and curly but it (again) isn't thick.
My legs have quite a bit of hair, I should shave but I don't own a razor haha.
I get a lot of discharge every day. It has gotten heavier these past months.
My 💗 are always rly tender.
I sometimes (at night) crave chocolate and sweet things. And before I craved French fries soooo.
I have been hungry a lot.
Sometimes I get really tired.
I have major mood swings. I will go from being happy to being super annoyed in a short amount of time.
I used to get a lot of headaches. Actually, I still kinda do.
Oh, and my 💗 are mostly/completely rounded out and I'm the same cup size as my mom (32a)
Ok and lastly, most of these quizzes say 1-3 or 1-4 months. This one said 2-6 weeks. But the second option was 1-3 months.
I really want my period. I hope someone can estimate for me!
thank you i love you
julia (75700)
76 days ago
Im 12 almost 13
I started growing 💗 about 2 years ago
Ive had discharge for over 1 year now and its really really heavy
my pubic hair is really thick and it hurts to shave( down there)
my leg heair is getting really noticeable
recently my arm pit hair got thicker
I can (ACTUALLY) fit a A or B cup bra
and I get back aches, cravings, bloated, tired all the time!! help
em (72309)
91 days ago
can someone estimate me please?
i'm 12, 13 in march 2018
i have α💗ton of discharge and i should wear pantyliners but i don't cause it leaks through so there's no point
my 💗 are α 32a
i might have had spotting, im not sure if it was though
my mom got it when she was 13
i weigh 90-95 lb
i've been having bad cramps, cravings and been moody the past few days
can someone help??
Lollipop (19901)
103 days ago
Hi guys please help me I really want to be prepared and know when you guys think I will start my period.
I have had discharge for a year and I bit I have it everyday and recently it has got heavier.
I wear a sports crop top as I don't want to wear a bra , and recently my💗have become sore and ache.
I got acne about 2 months ago and and my skin is greesy and my hair gets greesy quickly.
My pubic hair is starting to get darker.
My under arm hair is blonde but long my hair on my head is blonde.
I don't know if I get moody I probably do.
Please help me I trust you guys more than the quizzes, also there is only 2 more people on my friend group that haven't started including me, and I want to be the the last one in my group.
I forgot to add that I am about 100lbs +.
Thank you guys please help me soon.
UniKittOrn (41486)
104 days ago
One last thing... there is this boy named Braxton
I am in love with him!!! When I look at him I just
Fall into a trance!! I want to "do stuff" with him but
Im only 13 and I am NOT the type of person that has
Sex whe. They are 13 but help me get out of this I
Am not alowwed to date anyone but I LOVE HIM
UniKittOrn (41486)
104 days ago
Also my 💗 has been itchy and my breasts
Also how to I stop the itchiness I don't like reaching
In my bra to itch my breasts in class it is just
Plain awkward if anyone sees me and I don't want
To flash anyone
UniKittOrn (41486)
104 days ago
Can somebody please tell me if it is my period
Because I don't want to get pregnant at the age
If 13 but idek how I would get pregnant anyway
Because I haven't had💗and I wont until I'm older
But please somebody tell me if it is my period
Thank you
UniKittOrn (41486)
104 days ago
Forgot to meantion I get the brown dots about one
To three times a month or so and I keep feeling like
It's my period and it's extremely light and it is
Scaring me like what if it is my period and I get
Pregnant but I haven't had💗so I'm good I think
But I'm scared what if it is my period
UniKittOrn (41486)
104 days ago
Oh it means sxex and vxgxna
UniKittOrn (41486)
104 days ago
is little tiny brown dots in underwear spotting? When
I say tiny I mean the size of a poppyseed or around
That size. I have had lots of discharge for about 6 or
7 months now. Help! I don't know what it is! And what
Does everyone mean by the heart emoji? Does it
Mean💗or period or 💗 or what???
Kimmy (10222)
106 days ago
Oh yeah i started puberty when i was 9 years old so about 2 years
Kimmy (10222)
106 days ago
Sooo im ten turing 11 so i counted my self as 11 because my birthday is on the 25th of August
So I'll say 11
I weigh under 70 lbs
Im like 4"7 4"8 ?
I do get a lot of discharge but i dont wear panty liners
How do i tell my mom i need to start shaving
I shave from my sisters razor so im good
I only shave my armpits cuz those are hairy and i want to shave mu legs and arms
By the way your hair doesnt grow thicker when you shave
I know im going to get my . (Per.iod) soon cuz i do have pubic hair and my breasts are growing
Im really scared and i dont know how ill tell my mum
I might tell my sister to tell her :P well if she is not att college
My sister is a senior in highschool
And im in 6th grade in middle school just about to start
About 3 or 4 weeks ago i got brown stuff i read stuff and the articles said its normal it means your going to starts your period
So i go nervous 4 or
3 weeks later still clean from blood but not clean from discharge 😒
Advice ?
shreya (54389)
106 days ago
i also wat in 2 minutes.
Lilno (25411)
108 days ago
I really want my period does anyone else
Lilno (25411)
108 days ago
I really meant p.s.h.e sorry everybody iPhone corrects everything I write