Are you the true animal lover?

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Find out in this quiz if you're a true animal lover!

  • 1
    Say you're jogging and you see an injured mouse. What do you do?
    Bring it home and nurse it to health
    Quickly run past it
    Pick it up and move it into the grass
  • 2
    Oh no! Your cat is trying to kill a bird!
    I will bring it in. Mom can help.
    I need to do something... nah.
    Eh. Cats will do what they do.
  • 3
    What would you do if you find a stray dog in a field with an injured paw?
    Try to ignore its loud whimpering
    Bring it home as a new pet
    Pet it, then move on
  • 4
    If you saw someone harassing a rabbit, what would you do?
    Look away and walk quickly
    Go to the harassers and talk them out of hurting the bunny
    Call Animal Control
  • 5
    Say you adopt a new hamster. What would you feed it?
    Alfalfa pellets
    Nuts and berries
    Tropical mix
  • 6
    You are out swimming, and you see a beached dolphin. No one else is around. What do you do?
    Call someone who can help
    Ignore it and go for a swim
    Push it back into the ocean
  • 7
    Your friend really wants her/his bird to have the best food possible. How do you help?
    Go to the store and point out the food you use for your hamster
    Find some cheap mix online
    Buy him/her some quality food from a local store
  • 8
    Have you ever rescued any animals?
    I do it all the time!
    I tried, but it didn't work.
  • 9
    Say you really want a dog, but can't get one. What do you do?
    Stay angry for a bit, then move on with life
    Volunteer at a local pet store
    Try to persuade parents to get one anyway
  • 10
    How would you describe animals in general?
    Amazing beings who deserve a good life
    Unfriendly beasts with greasy fur/feathers
    Friendly enough with weird touches here and there.
  • 11
    Be honest do you like animals?
    I LOVE animals!
    Not at all.
  • 12
    If you see a frog in the grass, what do you do?
    Pick it up and relocate it somewhere else
    Leave it to continue its course
    Pick it up, fill a bucket with water, and place the frog in it
  • 13
    This question does not count toward final score.
    I'm not very good at this quiz thing. Did you like this quiz? (Only my second!)
    It was pretty good for your second!
    Not really.
    So-so. Could be better.

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