If you woke up a girl

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All the guys call you girly and say you should be one and that night you wish to be a girl

  • 1
    You wake up and realize your wish came true how do you feel?
  • 2
    You get up what do you do first?
    Look at all your new features
    Cry and wish to change back
    Sit and think about it
    Look at yourself in the mirror with a smile
  • 3
    You decide you need to get out of the house what do you wear?
    A pink skirt with a pink shirt and flip flops
    Boy clothes and tennis shoes
    Nice dress with pantyhose and high heels
    Skinny jeans with a t shirt and boots
  • 4
    You look in the bathroom and you see lots of makeup do you wear it?
    Just lipgloss
    None of it
    I wear just a little bit
    I wear all of it!
  • 5
    You go outside and you see a group of girls that were popular at your school what do you do?
    Go flirt with them
    Go up and become their new best friend
    Go talk to them for a little and move on
    Don't talk to them
  • 6
    After that you run into a girl you had a crush on named Mercedes she starts talking and asks if you wanted to hang out?
    Say you want to go hang out and do girly stuff
    Start flirting with her
    Tell her you don't really want to
    Say you want to go see a movie
  • 7
    You decide to go do girly stuff with her and while you are at the mall you run into a couple of guys what do you do?
    Start talking about sports
    Ignore them
    Flirt with them
    Talk a little but no flirting
  • 8
    After you talk Mercedes asks you to go to the salon to get hair and nails done what do you say?
    I don't want to go
    Of course!
    Just my hair
    Maybe just my nails
  • 9
    You decide to go and do both after the boys invite you to play sports while Mercedes asks you to go to a slumber party with her and her friends
    Go to the slumber party and do more girly stuff
    Go with the boys and play
    Go to the slumber party but do stuff not too girly
    To with the boys but watch instead of playing
  • 10
    The next day your family has a wedding to go to and you are expected to dress very formally as a girl what do you wear?
    You wear a skirt with some makeup and some girly sandals
    You paint your nails and that's all
    You go all out with a large gown with high heels with tons of makeup and your hair and nails done
    You were a dress with more makeup than usual and small heels
  • 11
    After the wedding their are sign ups for sports at school and Mercedes asks to do cheerleading with her and the boys want you to do basketball
    Play basketball
    Sign up for football
    Do cheerleading
    Play volleyball
  • 12
    After those three days in your dream you are asked if you want to change back
    I want to be a boy again
    Absolutely not I love being a girl
    I'll go for another week
    I go for being a girl for a year
  • 13
    You said you want to stay a girl what is your job
    Professional cheerleader
    Hair, nails, and makeup stylist
    Business manager
  • 14
    You and Mercedes stay friends and she decides to get breast implants and asks you to get it done with her
    I suppose but just because we are so good friends
    Absolutely not
    Absolutely I've been thinking about doing it anyways
    No, but I had to think long and hard
  • 15
    What is the best part about being a girl?
    Wearing all the girly clothes and doing girly stuff
    Getting a different perspective of girls
    Becoming friends with all the girls
    I hated all of it

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