Are you Okay Quiz?

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Take this to know how fine you are, how much you're suffering, and about your psychological side.

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    How do you feel about your parents?

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Lex (85222)
2 days ago
Just wanted to leave a little positivity in here. It’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to want to cry and scream and throw things at the wall if that’s what makes you feel better. Bad days are gonna happen and you’re gonna think it’s all over and that you’re not going to get better, but you will. It’s okay to breakdown. Just know that you will feel better at some point. Know that you are never alone, even though you may feel like it. Know that there is a happier future for yourself out there. Pamper yourself, take a rest. I’m proud of everyone for staying so strong and brave throughout your troubles. Know that you also don’t have to be strong all the time. You can relax. Lean on someone to help you out (and if you don’t have someone I’m here! And I believe in you. You’re doing great! I love you!). Have faith. It only controls you if you let it. I’m praying for everyone going through tough times, god bless! ❤️
z8o (51407)
3 days ago
Lol I’m 17 and I suffer from panic disorder, depression and anxiety. I don’t have friends, I don’t go to school, and I’ve been single for three years, and I’m not suicidal, life sucks yea but I’m not gonna mope around and let this take me over. I find it funny however, that most people have less problems then me and wanna die soooooo badly.
Jas (97796)
11 days ago
Also, I'd get so every little insult just gains more pain,and I just can't think of good thoughts..I can barely do the things I like, swimming, drawing and being funny.
Jas (97796)
11 days ago
I only have 2 real friends, one of them are my online friend. My parents yell at me. My sisters, bully me. I get bullied at 'friends' only admire me for my drawings. I just stay in my house. I'd also start hurting myself.
Bella (64606)
21 days ago
I’m Alison 12 Years old and I’m 7th grade
Bella (64606)
21 days ago
I’m not ok and I think I have depression and anxiety but I’m scared to get help and I act like I’m fine and happy when I’m not my dad is the worst person I’ve ever met my sisters are the worst sisters u could ever have and my friends are not like my friends only 1 of them are a real friend I can trust. I’m pansexual and I don’t want to come out because I’m scared that my family and friends will hate me.
emptiness (06247)
29 days ago
I don't know why I took this quiz, it's obvious that I'm depressed and lonely, but it's right I need a therapist or else I might not stop feeling awesomely sad when crying out in pain....wait why am I telling strangers about this when nobody cares? Forget I said anything
Grace (04570)
33 days ago
I think that other people can't possibly have friends if they need someone they phone them all and speak to them and you can have some help but school is different
Anonymous (43009)
45 days ago
If anyone wants to talk you can email me at Please use it for talking yourself out of bad situations.
Idk (12419)
54 days ago
I'm 11 and feel so empty after accepting I really am gay and all my "friends" hate gays and use gay as an insult.:(:(:(
Michael (64191)
56 days ago
Well that was pleasant
(I'm not ok)
help (64588)
59 days ago
why is there no 'my parents force me to do things i dont want to do and dont let me draw' option
Hiding from life. (41454)
62 days ago
...I want to kill myself and my parents nor anyone else know. I hate everything about myself.))
Maya (18568)
92 days ago
@Suicide My mum was depressed ik i cant give you much help but you should get a psychiatrist. Ive allmost commited suicide alot. Tell you're Parents & if they dont care I think the police might need to be involvid
Suicide (02553)
142 days ago
I really need to kill my self if I died no one would even care I cut every day and my mum doesn't even notice the blood on my walls she loves my siblings and dogs more than me.please help