When will you get your first period?

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I don't know if this will be accurate or not, I did a lot of research

  • 1
    First off, how old are you?
    8 or younger
  • 2
    How much discharge do you have? (White-ish, yellow-ish gooey stuff in your underwear)
    Not that much, just little white streaks
    Yes, a lot but manageable
    So much, I should/do wear panty liners
    An average amount
    I don't have discharge
  • 3
    How long have you had discharge?
    1-5 months
    6-10 months
    1 year
    I said I don't have discharge
    2+ years
  • 4
    Do you have any pubic hair? (Hair down there)
    Yupp, it's like a full blown black forest down there
    There's no hair down there
    Yeah, but only blond little wispy
    Almost fully developed, dark, starting to curl
    Fully developed, long, curly, dark hairs
  • 5
    What about the hair on your armpits?
    A decent amount, just starting to darken
    Blond little wisps so much, I have to shave like every week
    I look a gorilla, I shave like everyday
    Nope, no hair at all
    A normal amount, I have to shave every in while
  • 6
    Do you have hair on your it legs?
    Way too much, my legs look like bigfoot's legs
    Just starting to darken
    Dark thick hair, I have to shave a lot The same as it's always been
    Little blond patches of hair
    Same as it's always been
  • 7
    Do you get any cramps below your bellybutton? If so, how often?
    Yupppp, I get a few times a week
    I don't get cramps
    Yeah, I get them frequently
    I get cramps a few times a month, they don't hurt
  • 8
    What about spotting? (Little drops of blood in your underwear or when you wipe)
    2-5 times
    Yup, I once even thought I got my first period
    All the time
    1-3 times
  • 9
    Do you get cravings? (Like wanting chocolate, or wanting something sweet)
    Like once or twice a month
    A few times a week
  • 10
    How many of this do you have? (Acne, bloating, tiredness, more gas than usual, breast tenderness, grow spurts, sweating more than usual, sweat smelling different)
  • 11
    How about your boobs? What are they like?
    Medium and point
    Small and pointy
    Medium and starting to round
    They look like women boobs
    Big and round
  • 12
    What's your bra size?
    Sports bra
    Training bra or a tank top
    I have no boobs
    A-C cup
  • 13
    Lastly, how old was your mom, grandmother, aunt, or any female relative when she got her first period?
    About the same age
    1 year older
    2 Year younger
    2 Years older
    1 Years younger

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Maddie (27051)
23 days ago
I’m only 11 and it says any day now. Other quizzes I’ve taken say 2-5 months or any day now. Should I trust it????
Julia (35488)
33 days ago
Mine said “are u sure you haven’t got it yet -2 months” what do I do I’m only 11. I don’t want to get it. Why girlz🙄
Ava (45852)
40 days ago
And I have LOTS of mood swings!!!!
Ava (45852)
41 days ago
Oh and plz do it fast thx again
Ava (45852)
41 days ago
Dear ; purple. Towel / person who made this quiz I want answers so this is my profile: I'm 11 yrs my mom got hers at 12 my grandmother got hers at 10 I have lots of discharge I have to wear 2 paniliners a day and night I've been in puberty for 2 yrs + and I have loads of hair down there and in my pits and my bra size A32 I can't wear a sports bra because my tits show and I had a growth spurt a year ago 3inch I have lots of cramps and bad pains in my lower back and in my legs I don't have spotting I ALWAYS crave CHOCOLATE 🍫 AND other sweets 🍭 I have all the other PMS signs plz let my now when I'll get mine thx

From : Ava Trudel
Claire (35852)
78 days ago
Can someone plzzz estimate?
I'm 13
105 lbs
I'm 5 ft 2 inches (I've grown 5 inches in the past year)
I have loads of discharge for 3 years now
My 💗 have been growing for about 4 years
I have to shave on a regular basis so I don't look like a hairy gorilla
I've gotten a few cramps they've been happening more often lately
CONSTANTLY craving chocolate, chips and lemonaid lol
My mom got hers at the same age
I'm EXTREMELY moody and emotional
The test said 1-3 months 😊
em (72309)
89 days ago
RUB•E spotting means it's coming soon, within α month or 2. definitely bring pads everywhere you go!
RUB.E (35235)
90 days ago
Anyone helpful please reply asap (within a few days?)
I am 13 soon
I wear a 32AA bra
I have discharge its white or yellow marks for about 6 months
I think I have had spotting a couple of times but it was brown and stained
(No it wasn't poo bc it smelt like discharge)
I have all PMS symptoms
I am always craving salty crisps or chocolate
I have spots all over my face
I am 85 pounds
My mum got hers at 13, in April
I have done loads of quizzes and I know I am getting close because now they say 5-8 months or 3-6 or 2+ instead of a year or something but it would be sosososo helpful of someone could tell me from their point of view
Purple.Towel (96554)
127 days ago
Helppp, you're the same age as mom and sisters when they got theirs then I'd say you're pretty close (anytime-1 month or 2) Good luck!!!
Helppp (43361)
127 days ago
I have cramps in my lower stomach, discharge, am moody, I can fit in a 32A bra,have cravings and pubic hair that I shave. I'm 13 same age as my mom and sister when they got theirs but I'm tiny and don't have any armpit hair...
Purple.Towel (96554)
137 days ago
Girl Who Needs Answers: With the I formation you've given me, I'd say 1-4 months. But if you have pubic and/or armpit hair probably anytime now-2 months, but I could be wrong. Good luck with going into women hood!!
Girl Who Needs Answers (82228)
137 days ago
I have been getting cramps in my lower back, breasts, and below my belly button lately. And also getting headaches and being moody. I think I'm gettig my period everytime, but I look in my underwear and there is nothing but discharge. Im 12 years old and my mom was 13 when she got hers. Please help me
-Girl Who Needs Answers