Are You A True Disney Fan?

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20 Questions - Developed by: Jenna McClellan - Developed on: - 2.267 taken

Answer these 20 fill-in-the-blank questions to see if you're a true Disney fan! And don't cheat!

  • 1
    "Up Down, Touch The Ground, _____________________________"
    "Go around again"
    "In the mood for food"
    "Do it all again"
    "In the mood to eat"
  • 2
    "Heroes Like Hercules! Honey, You Mean Hunkules. ________________________"
    "Oh he's so handsome"
    "He's got muscles to spare"
    "He's so strong."
    "I'd like to make some sweet music"
  • 3
    "Where Did All the Happy Endings Go?________________________"
    "Are they really lost?"
    "Where could all the great times be?"
    "Are they gone for good?"
    "Where could all the good times be?"
  • 4
    "I've Got No Strings To Hold Me Down,______________________"
    "To make me sad, to make me frown"
    "To make me cry, to make me frown"
    "To make me fret, or make me frown"
    "To make me grin, to make me frown"
  • 5
    "Little Town, Full of _________"
    "Happy people"
    "Little people"
    "Quiet people"
    "Funny people"
  • 6
    "I want adventure in the great, wide somewhere, _______________________________"
    "I want it more than I can tell"
    "I want it more than they can tell"
    "I want it more than I really know"
    "I want it more than he can tell"
  • 7
    "Feed the birds,__________________"
    "Tuppence a bag"
    "Penny a bag"
    "Quarter a bag"
    "Tuppence a box"
  • 8
    "People Gonna Come Here From Everywhere,____________________"
    "When I'm almost there"
    "And I'm almost there"
    "I'm almost there"
    " 'Cause I'm almost there"
  • 9
    "I've Never Seen A King Or Beast,______________________"
    "With quite so little ears"
    "With quite so little hair"
    "With such a little roar"
    "With quite so little feet"
  • 10
    "Try The Gray Stuff, It's Delicious!_________________________"
    "Don't believe me? Well you're wrong!"
    "Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!"
    "Don't believe me? Ask the fishes!"
    "Don't believe me? Well you should!"
  • 11
    "God Help ______________"
    " The Outcasts"
    "My People"
    " The People"
    "My outcasts"
  • 12
    "Wanna A Thingamabob?_______________"
    "I've got 20!"
    "I've got plenty!"
    "I've got 10!"
    "I've got 30!"
  • 13
    "Darling It's better, Down Where It's Wetter,____________"
    "Don't you see?"
    "Under the sea!"
    "Take it from me!"
    "Here, we're carefree!"
  • 14
    "Egglentine, Egglentine, Oh How You Shine!________________________________"
    "Your lot, and my lot, have got to combine"
    "Your lot, and my lot, have got to be mine!"
    "My lot, and your lot, have got to combine"
  • 15
    "You'll Be In my Heart. _____________"
    "No matter what you say"
    "No matter what I say"
    "No matter what they say"
  • 16
    "It Means No Worries,__________"
    "For the rest of your life"
    "For the rest of your days"
    "For the rest of you days"
  • 17
    Spell This Word Right.
  • 18
    "Let's Go Fly A kite! Up To The Highest Height! Let's Go Fly A Kite,________________________"
    "And Send it up high"
    "And send it flying!"
    "And send it soaring!"
  • 19
    "What's This? What's This?_______________________"
    "There's color everywhere!"
    "There's color all around!"
    "There's something in the air!"
  • 20
    (Hardest One!)
    "Treguna, Mekoides, ____________"
    "Trecorum Satis Dee"
    "Trecoram Satis Dee"
    "Trecorum Sattis Dee"

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