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  • 1
    If a man comes up to you and threatens he will hurt you if you don't give him money you:
    Try to talk out of it but if that doesn't go well I'll give him the money
    Think of a smart way to get out of the situation
    I'd run
    Just give him the money
    Fight him, or refuse to give him money.
  • 2
    Your physical appearance is best described as:
    I'm not ugly but I don't see myself becoming a model anytime soon
    Average, nothing special
    Strong and athletic
    Good looking, often well groomed.
    Pretty, slim, a little athletic
  • 3
    Your dress sense is:
    Simple and average, I prefer not to draw attention to myself
    I honestly don't care what I wear
    Elegant, dresses, skirts
    Professional and good looking
    Anything I feel comfortable in and can do physical activities.
  • 4
    Your room is best described as:
    Neat and organized
    Empty and simple
    Average probably, I don't know how to describe it.
    A place I feel safe in
    Cozy, comfortable and a bit messy
  • 5
    In relationships you often find yourself
    I haven't really been in many relationships, I don't really focus on that kind of stuff
    Very stable, I've had relationships last over 5 years before.
    I find it hard to settle down and often get bored of the relationship
    I find i'm best when alone
    Completely devoted. Love is very important.
  • 6
    The most important thing in life:
    I'm not sure
    Safety and stability
    Intelligence, knowing the answers to the world
  • 7
    You find yourself being
    Not part of anything
    Second in command
    A leader
    Alone, I work with no one
    A follower
  • 8
    In your spare time you:
    Nothing, I just waste time
    Reading drawing, watching a movie
    Go hiking, camping or working out
    Go on a holiday!
    Studying or working hard
  • 9
    What best describes you:
    Hard working and unsure
    Strong personality, leader.
    Dreamy and kind
    Smart and quiet
    Shy but trustworthy
  • 10
    Last question! At a restaurant you are served cold food so you:
    Eat a bit of it and not say anything, its not too bad.
    I don't think I would be at a restaurant
    Just leave
    I'm a fussy eater so I'd probably ask politely for a new meal or just leave.
    Complain straight away

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