Is your best friend jealous?

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Is your best friend always competing with you? Do they always say how amazing your life is when you know the have a better life? Take this quiz to find out if they are jealous!

  • 1
    Does she always talk to others and leave you out?
    Only once
    All the time:(
    Yes, it upsets me.
  • 2
    Do they always say they have a rubbish life even though you know they don't?
    Sometimes, not really.
    Yes, it's really annoying.
    All the goddamn time!
    They always complain..
  • 3
    Do they say they never have a certain thing unlike you when they do?
    Yes, and I don't even have it.
    A fair amount.
  • 4
    Are they always putting you down?
    It makes me cry, and I don't like it.
    Sometimes they do
    Yes, and I'm sick of it.
  • 5
    Do they say you have no responsibilities when you have plenty?
    Fair amount.
    Yes, all the time, it's beginning to really upset me.
    Only once or twice
  • 6
    Do they always compete with what you say? Even when it's a sad thing that happened?
    Yes, and it was out of order! I couldn't believe it!
    Never at all.
    Not really..
    Yes! I don't get it!
  • 7
    Does she say she has depression when you have it as well?
    This doesn't apply to me.
    Yes, and I know she doesn't.
  • 8
    Does she ever hurt you? Physically?
    She tries to 'strangle me' for a 'joke' and hits me.
    Once or twice.,
    She hits me and whacks me on the head
    She has never.
  • 9
    Does she always try and leave you out when you are with certain people?
    Yes, it's really upsetting.
  • 10
    Does she compare herself to you?
    Yes, and she does it in a way to get at me.
    All the time
  • 11
    Does she start doing something, a hobby etc as soon as you take interest in it?
    Once or twice!
    Yes! She has!
    Yes! She done this recently!
  • 12
    Does she get angry at you when you do something wrong, but won't let you get angry at her for doing it too?
    Once or twice
    Fair amount.
  • 13
    Does she always seem to say 'nothing's wrong' when you can tell there is?
    Yes, all the time.
    I'm sick of it!
    Yes, I think she wants attention.
  • 14
    Does she always talk as if you aren't there in front of you?
    I cry because of it.
    Not really
  • 15
    Does she do things that you can't do without her being angry?
    I hate it so much now..
  • 16
    Do you think your friendship is being affected by her?
    Quite a bit.
    A fair amount.
    Really badly.
    Not really.
  • 17
    Do you want to tell her how bad what she's doing is affecting you?
    Yes, but I'm too scared.
    No, I'm really scared.
  • 18
    Does she try to make YOU jealous?
    I can't tell.
    Yes, she always does this.
    Fair amount.
  • 19
    Is she always sarcastic?
    All the time.
    Once or twice.
  • 20
    Are you worried about what she will do next?
    Yes, she's really nasty.
    I'm really worried and I don't know what to do.
    Not really, but kind of.
    This doesn't apply to me.

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