If you woke up as a girl would be one forever

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You live a pretty good life, you just finished collage, and have a beautiful girlfriend. But one day, you and your girlfriend get into a fight then you make a sexist remark about girls being below boys. Your girlfriend wishes you would understand her. You say "the only way that'd happen is if I was a girl"

  • 1
    You wake up and feel ... different. How do you feel about it?
    It's just sleep deprive
    I don't hate it
    I like it
    Weird, I wonder what it is
  • 2
    You fall off your bed then notice you are a girl.
    Ouch, that hurt!
    Uh why did this happen?
    How did this happen?
    I look nice.
  • 3
    You examine a mirror. What do you see?
    A hot lady (flirts to self)
    Me, I guess
    A woman. This is pretty cool and just pretty in general.
    A girl? This is too weird.
  • 4
    You walk up to your girlfriend before she can say anything. You
    Tell her what happened
    Tell her what happen then hug and cry
    Say "how do I get dressed"
    Say " good morning "
    Say "Did you do this!">=(
  • 5
    You want to get dressed. What do you wear?
    The men clothes you told girlfriend to get
    Baggy shirt and baggiest jeans you can find
    Bikini and cardigan and short shorts to show your body more
    Women's sportswear
    T-shirt and normal jeans with a little tears
  • 6
    Your room now has some make up supplies in it. Do you use them?
    Just so I can look better, ok
    Nah, I don't HAVE to put it on
    Duh. I use all of it
    No, women need to wear make up, so they are not ugly and I'm not ugly I'm a man, right
    I'll try it
  • 7
    You think about your parents
    No, I don't want them to see me like this
    Maybe they can find out what happened
    Yeah maybe they have met someone who can change me back
    They need to hear the great news
    I should see them I haven't seen them in awhile
  • 8
    You see them and tell them what happened. How do they react?
    "How'd this happen"
    You did not talk to them
    Big grins on face
    Thanks for coming by
    Sorry we and everyone else we know can't turn you back
  • 9
    You say
    "Ya'think I can find out what's happening"
    "Bye mom, dad"
    I did not talk to them
    "Ya'think I can change back"
    "Hope you a great day like me"
  • 10
    Where do you go now?
    Home I need a nap
    I need to settle down with a coffee
    The bar there is a game about to start and you won't miss it
    Home no one needs to see you
    Beach I mean I got the bod for it
  • 11
    Your friend,(friend name) walks up to you and hits on you, you
    Say thank you and flirt back
    "DISGUSTING, I am not dating another dude"
    Tell him what happened
    Say "Uh ... I have a girlfriend
    Say "Dude, it's me,(name),"
  • 12
    You,(friend name), (girlfriend name), want to do something together. You want to
    Go shopping
    Go to some tourist trap
    Watch a movie
    Go to the bar
  • 13
    After that you need to use the bathroom
    You don't think just go
    This is just normal
    You think about how efficient this is now
    Hold it
    I like it the other way
  • 14
    You look at yourself in the mirror before bed
    "I hope this never ends"
    "I hope I'm a boy again
    "I kinda wish I had a less active day"
    "That was a day I guess"
  • 15
    You have a dream with two doors labeled man and woman you have trouble picking what door though. What door are you leaning towards?
    I don't know this is weird
    Man definitely
    Woman obviously
    Don't know don't care
    Man after burning down woman door

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Nunia ( 60488 )
Posted 9 days ago
I mean instead of insulting
Nunia ( 60488 )
Posted 9 days ago
Hank, Im sorry a lot of these tests are not very well executed and if you have any (probably many) problems you want to say say then you should probably say it then insult the creators for said problems. Most of us can handle criticism
Hank ( 62842 )
Posted 12 days ago
Why are all these tests retarded?
Person ( 81586 )
Posted 26 days ago
Still stuck as a girl. Funny I'm a girl in real life.