Are you exaggerated, provoked, lightened, or just calm?

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Hope you enjoy this meaningful quiz! BTW, you can call me Cress.

  • 1
    You're taking a shower, singing and the next thing you know, you got soap in your eye. What Do You Do (WDYD)?
    Curse and yell and already start planning your revenge on everybody.
    Yell and rub your eye furiously shouting at everyone to call 911
    Giggle and pet the soap bar and continue to sing your song
    Calmly rub your eye with your sponge, hand, towel, or whatever with water
  • 2
    You just got back home to your room after having a nice night but a cricket is right in the middle of your room. WDYD?
    Ignore it and walk past it or quickly kill it or making someone else do it
    Giggle and crouch down next to the cricket and pet it and keep it
    Scream "thanks for ruining my day!" and keep on hitting the cricket with a shoe
    Scream and yell and cry and say that there's a horrible beast in your room
  • 3
    You see your crush talking to one of your friends, siblings, or cousins. WDYD?
    Cry and yell about how you'll always be a loner for life
    Giggle and and walk over to them laughing and join in their conversation
    Curse and go up to your crush angrily and slap the person he/she's talking to
    Try to ignore them but can't help wondering what they're talking about
  • 4
    You're about to do something but just then, your mom tells you to wash the dishes. WDYD?
    Sigh and resist the urge to argue and go wash the dishes. Your thing could wait
    Cry and beg your mom out of it by saying that you'll be a failure for life of you don't do your thing
    Giggle and say ''I love you mom'' a zillion times while cleaning every dish to perfection
    Argue with your mom about how you never have any freedom and go wash the dishes disgustingly
  • 5
    You're playing the piano for your little sibling's birthday party and you accidentally play the wrong note. WDYD?
    Say "oops" and replay the song. It was only about 15 seconds after all
    Curse and yell "I'm done!" and angrily stomp off to your room and slam the door
    Gasp and cry and say between breaths "I'm a failure" over and over...
    Giggle and say sorry a thousand times before finally replaying all your songs over again
  • 6
    You've just been told that your annual camping trip has been canceled. WDYD?
    Yell and curse and go to your room to punch your pillow and rip it to shreds
    Cheerfully say "Oh well. next time!" and start singing
    Cry and beg your mom to let you go somewhere, anywhere before you die of boredom
    Feel disappointed but try not to let it show until the privacy of your room
  • 7
    You're painting your room and some paint lands on your shirt. WDYD?
    Curse and scream and slam down your paintbrush and walk off to change
    Cry and scream and panic about how that was one of your favorite shirts and now it's ruined
    Wipe it off with a wet towel or simply leave it there and go back to work
    Giggle and flick your paintbrush at you sibling thinking that nothing is better than painting
  • 8
    You're at the store and you wander away from your parents to check something out. When you go back to them, they're not there. WDYD?
    Smile and start looking for them while skipping and humming and looking around
    Try not to panic and causally look for them. They'll turn up sometime
    Curse and stomp off in you own direction. You're better off without grown ups anyway
    Panic and go look for them while yelling your parent's full name
  • 9
    D'accord. Enough with the What Do You Do's. Now, HDYD (how do you do)?
    Aw, already done? Well, I'm doing great, thanks to you! Merci beau-coup!
    Is this a pop quiz! I didn't study! Please don't fail me!
    Oh, um, hi. I'm doing good, I guess?
    Why do you care! Thank goodness this is almost over!
  • 10
    Last question! Goodbye. Oh, wait! You're invited to-
    Okay! I don't know where I'm invited but see you there!
    I don't care! Au revoir, till never!
    Where! Don't leave me! I got to know!
    Oh, um, okay. That wasn't a question but... adios?

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