Harry Potter test! Which house are you?

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Reliable without dumb questions about your favourite colour, instead realistic question should relatedness to house.

  • 1
    When stuck somewhere dangerous (roof of building, backyard of someone with a huge dog, that kid of thing) what would you most likely do?
    Get out as fast as you can even if the route is difficult! You got to risk it to get the biscuit!
    Ask anyone near you for help or try and make a safe route
    Use what you have to create an escape
    Search for a possible escape, then take that pure as quick as possible.
  • 2
    How do you study?
    I get it over and done with, pass the test then forget whatever I've learnt
    Learning is definitely worthwhile. If I don't already know the answer I study hard and remember the information.
    Make sure I learn enough for the test so I pass
    Leave it until the end then study like mad. But I don't care if I don't pass.
  • 3
    When you can't sleep, what do you try doing?
    Make tea and sit up with a book until I'm tired
    Sit up for a while then fluff the pillows and go back to sleep.
    Pull on my headphones and listen to some music and then go back to sleep.
    Wake up and prepare for the day.
  • 4
    Which would you prefer to do in your freetime?
    Do whatever moves me at that particular moment. Probably make a lot of noise.
    To relax and hang out in the city with some friends
    Resting and sleeping, play music, chill. Help whoever needs it.
    Try and concentrate/train on my goals so that I'm prepared. Be mindful and maybe go somewhere peaceful to study or learn.
  • 5
    If a friend is having trouble with learning how to do something how would you help?
    Try and tutor them until they understand. Make sure they keep trying and working hard.
    Tell them how to do it.
    Help them and encourage them. Maybe make them something to eat while they study.
    Tell them to go to the library or google it. But if they need help I'm fine with a bit of helping.
  • 6
    When it comes to Harry Potter, movies or books?
    Both are great!
    Yeah a selection of both keeps me entertained
    Movie! I mean I read the books but they just can't capture it for me.
    The books were better!
  • 7
    If someone was REALLY bothering you and you could use ONE spell for a day, which one?
    Crucio! (Causes intense pain)
    Aguamenti! (Sprays a jet of water at the
    Obliviate! (Memory spell to temporarily disorient them and make them forget to annoy you)
    Expelliamus! (Sends them or whatever they're holding flying)
  • 8
    If you went to hogwarts, what would interest you most?
    Everything would be great!
    Quidditch is for me!
    The food
    Earning points in class and getting all of my O.W.L.s
  • 9
    If someone has cheated in a sport/race/test and you came second to them, how would you handle them?
    Punch their lights out.
    Convince them to own up about it.
    Confront hem in a public place.
    Tell the person who organizes the event but don't sound like a tattletale
  • 10
    And of course, the sorting hat does take you into account, so which house do you prefer?
    Ravenclaw! My wit is what makes me proud!
    Hufflepuff! I want to make friends and learn magic too!
    Gryffindor, where dwell the grace at heart!
    Slytherin is PURE and smart

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