What Type Of Middle Schooler Are You?

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There are plenty of types of middle schoolers out there - which one are you?

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    Typically, the first day of school is chaos! What can you be seen doing before the bell rings for first period?
    You play your mandolin in the corner and yodel.
    Meeting new people! So much fun!
    Discussing tryouts with my friends - it starts in a week and you're so nervous!
    Talking to your "selective" group of friends about how you hope there's more homework this year.
    Catching up with old friends that you pretend you haven't seen in years but really you saw them last week.
  • 2
    Uh oh! Timmy has two left feet, and he fell in the hall once again! What do you do?
    You help him up and explain to him why how gravity works.
    You lay down next him - what else would you do?
    Well, it depends on Timmy. You either laugh at him, or you help him up while laughing at him. Depends...
    You yell as loud as you can, "AND LITTLE TIMMY SCORES ONCE AGAIN!"
    You want to help him, but you don't want to be split up from your friends, so you keep walking.
  • 3
    Mrs. Annoystrict drops a huge test on you, and it's worth half your grade! What do you do?
    Hopefully you'll pass, but if you don't, it's not like anyone's going to know your score.
    Yes, Yes, YES! Finally a chance to show off your IQ to not only your teacher, but your classmates! You'll definitely get an A+!
    You eat Post-It notes in the back of the room and burp.
    This is totally going to interfere with practice! You'll try to make room to study!
    You complain about it with your friends. You'll probably do mediocre.
  • 4
    Lunch today is G R O S S! Looks like a cross between mustard and a knit scarf. What do you do?
    Sit on it.
    Analyze it.
    Eat it.
    Throw it.
    Laugh at it.
  • 5
    You're given a bit of free time in one of your favorite classes. What would you like to do?
    Start a game of tag! You'll totes win.
    You throw rocks at passing cars and yell random words at them.
    Walk around with your friends and try to join the conversation.
    Talk with my friends, obviously.
    Stay inside and read... sun is bad for the skin.
  • 6
    There's a school dance! What are you most excited for?
    Sneaking out and playing on the basketball courts.
    Assemble a group of people to dance with because you don't want to dance with anyone by yourself, god forbid.
    Getting asked out by three guys, all of which are cute.
    Not going - too much work, plus you have to study.
    Jumping up on stage and taking your pants off.
  • 7
    What type of book do you usually get at the library?
    A sports book with all the greatest players in history.
    A book about flying kites.
    Some new book that looks interesting but cool.
    A science book, maybe about electrons.
    The book everyone else says is good.
  • 8
    There's a fire alarm! What is your first thought?
    "Dude what if the gym is one fire!
    "Oh my god what if we all die!"
    "Whoops I should probably tell them about that a chemical experiment I did..."
    "Where is everyone! I don't want to be alone!"
  • 9
    What annoys you the most in middle school?
    The people who seem to follow everywhere and can't take a hint that I don't like them.
    When I feel lonely in a group of people, like it wouldn't matter if I were there or not.
    Low attendance at games - show more enthusiasm!
    All of the cows. Everywhere.
    People who are slow in group projects, I'm always ahead of them.
  • 10
    Summer is starting soon! What will you miss and what will you not?
    I will miss all of the fun, but I won't miss the pressure.
    I will miss my friends but I won't miss feeling left out.
    I'll miss my math teacher, but I won't miss being stressed to be the best.
    I will miss the school lunches, but I won't miss the cows.
    I will miss playing games, but I won't miss being sore all the time.

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