Which Marauder are you?

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  • 1
    When accosted for a teacher about some missing homework, do you:
    Throw together an excuse involving the words 'Quidditch practise', 'sorry miss', 'I'll catch up' and a winning smile?
    In a bookish and intellectual way, subtly apologise whilst not actually admitting you didn't do it and that you have no plans to catch up?
    Look around frantically with the air of a trapped man and mumble 'sorry'?
    Flick your luxurious and magnificent hair over one shoulder as you sashay away, waving your hand and giving some blatantly made-up excuse?
  • 2
    Your friends say your best quality is your:
    Arrogance. Just kidding, your friends say they hate you (then buy your Butterbeer).
    Complete inability to focus on anything but Quidditch and Lily Evans (god, shut UP Moony).
    Loyalty, empathy and taste in music.
    Kindness, and intangible aura of blandness.
  • 3
    A Howler's just landed in your pumpkin juice! It's spitting fire and ash. From the teacher's table, you see McGonagall tut under her breath. Wincing, you open the cursed letter. The Great Hall is regaled to a full-volume rant about your latest prank, a...
    Charmed staircase that carried the bewildered first-years exclusively to the Advanced Transfiguration class.
    Wicked hex that gave Snape acne for weeks!
    Distraction technique - the smokebombs in the staffroom took a while to clear, but it was worth it for Sirius' prank.
    2am waterslide charm on the stairs to the girls' dorm.
  • 4
    Most Fridays, you can be found...
    Carrying James to Pomfrey's ward after he falls off his broom trying to catch the Snitch whilst in a one-armed handstand.
    Trying (and failing) to impress your crush at Quidditch practise.
    Burning letters from home unread and complimenting yourself in the mirror.
    Dragging Sirius to the Restricted Section, giggling over your latest prank in the common room.
  • 5
    What's your favourite store in Diagon Alley?
    You don't really care between them, but hexing the purebloods going to Knockturn Alley is a rewarding pastime.
    The ice-cream shop. You have a tab now and everything.
    Quidditch Supplies, duh.
    The magical pets are pretty cute - you rehomed some abandoned ones over the summer, too!
  • 6
    When somebody disagrees with your opinion in a heated 3am dorm discussion, do you:
    "Oh, uh, I guess you're right."
    Punch them in the face, glower for the rest of the night. (It helps that you look even hotter with eyebags.)
    Snark. Lots and lots of snark. You don't believe the opinion of somebody who likes the Weird Sisters is valid.
    Restrain Sirius as he tries to punch Remus in the face, "that's just, like, your opinion, man."
  • 7
    Skipping Potions to wander round the school, you spot a deranged monster lurking in the shadows. Do you...
    Hex him in total shock and run away without telling anyone about your act of heroism?
    Put on your suave and nonchalant air that you've been practising for weeks and curse him through at least six walls and two tapestries?
    Get over Evans for fourteen seconds, yell at the first-years to get back, and hit him with Petrificus Totalus?
    Quip "I guess you forgot your makeup today, Sirius", Stupefy the beast, and then let McGonagall know.
  • 8
    You find out one of your close friends has been harboring a terrible secret - they're a werewolf! How do you react?
    Semi-shyly yell at them for not telling you sooner. They must've got hurt! Are they okay? Do you want a hug?
    "There's two of us?"
    Unquestioningly support them. They're your friend, what else would you do?
    You start researching how to become an Animagus and exchange your troubled backstories (with some drama, of course).
  • 9
    Your favourite part of the summer holidays is....
    Getting letters from your friends, going into Diagon Alley on the Knight Bus together.
    When Potter's not around, going back to school.
    Seeing Sirius trying to hide his unexpected delight when your mum calls you both her sons.
    Punk shows in various dingy wizard bars. In the dark nobody cares about your scars.
  • 10
    In the three-hour argument over a group name for you and your friends, which name did you suggest?
    Sirius Black and the Bloodtraitors (It's Like A Band Name, Moony! Yes, It Does Have To Be All About Me!)
    The Anti-Snape Club
    The Weird Sisters Are Derivative And Nobody In Their Right Mind Likes Them, Sirius
    Please Don't Give Us Detention McGonagall

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