Should You Kiss Your Crush? (GIRLS ONLY!)

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Every girl dreams of having the perfect boyfriend but some girls never pluck up the courage to ask a guy out. But some guys, even though you might not be in a proper relationship, want to go the extra mile and might want a little peck of you instead of you just asking them out. And this test will help you decide whether you should kiss him or not.

  • 1
    When He Walks Passed You, What Does He Usually Do To You?
    He Just Looks At Me But Does Nothing
    He Comes Up To Me And Starts Talking To Me
    He Comes Up Really Close To Me And Maybe Touches Me "By Accident"
    He Doesn't Even Do Anything! He doesn't Even Look At Me!
    He Just Smiles And Maybe Gives A Little Wave Sometimes
  • 2
    Does He Already Have A Girlfriend?
    I Don't Know!
    Yes, But They Don't Really Like Or See Each-other
    Yes! And They Love Each-other!
    No, But He Does Have His Eye On Another Girl But Not Me
  • 3
    Do You Hang Out Together?
    No, Not At All!
    Sometimes But It's Always With Other People And Not By Ourselves
    Yes, But It's Very Rare And We Only Go On Walks
    We Used To But Now We Don't
    Yes! All The Time!
  • 4
    When You Do Hang Out With Him, Does He Get Closer and Closer To You?
    He Tries To Keep A Distance When We Are Hanging Out
    We Don't Even Hang Out!
    He Sometimes Gets Closer To Me
    Yes, All The Time!
    I Have Never Really Paid Attention To That When We Are Hanging Out
  • 5
    When You Are Talking To Him, What Does He Focus On The Most?
    We Don't Talk
    He Usually Looks At What I'm Wearing
    My Eyes
    He Never Focuses On Me. He Usually Focuses On The Surroundings
    My Lips
  • 6
    Have You Ever Kissed Him In The Past?
    He Tried To Kiss Me But I Backed Away
    I Tried To Kiss Him But He Backed Away And Told Me He Didn't Want To
    Yes, But It Was Only A Little Friendly Peck
    No. And I Have Never Tried
  • 7
    Does He Always Try To Look His Best When He Is Around You?
    He Does Make Sure That His Hair Looks Nice But That's All
    Yes. All The Time!
    No. Every time I See Him He Is Always Wearing His Usual Clothes
    I Have Never Really Noticed
  • 8
    When He Is Talking With Other Girls And Then Notices That Your Watching Them, What Does He Do?
    He Carries On Talking With Them Even Though He Knows That I'm There
    He Says Goodbye To The Girls Then Comes Up To Me
    He Laughs With Them And Then Looks At Me
    He Runs Up To Me And Asks If I Want To Join In
    He Doesn't Even See Me
  • 9
    If You Dropped All Of Your Things On The Floor, What Does He Do?
    He Asks If I Need Help
    He Comes And Helps Me To Pick Them All Up
    He Does Nothing. He Will Just Walk Passed Me
    He Laughs At Me Then Walks Passed Me
    He Helps Me And Then He Puts His Hand On Top Of Mine And Says That It Was An Accident
  • 10
    LAST QUESTION: How Badly Do You Want To Kiss Him?
    I Don't Really Want To Kiss Him But I'm Sure It Wont Be That Bad
    Yes! Of Course!
    I Do Want To Kiss Him But I'm Not That Desperate

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