Do You Have Fake Friends?

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Trust issues can be a good thing.

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    Think of a particular friend who you feel you can't trust - got one? Okay, think. Why do you think they may be a Fake Friend?
    She's suddenly ignoring me, or being mean. I don't know! It makes me feel terrible all the time.
    I don't really have any reason.
    Well, I'm not sure. She hasn't really DONE anything... it's just a feeling.
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    Now, let's say that the friend is going to Six Flags and is only allowed to bring one or two people along. Would you be there?
    Yes, I'm pretty sure she would invite me.
    Well, she might've last month but I don't know about now...
    No, she would probably invite some other girls instead of me.:(
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    Let's say you had a BIG secret, and out of trust, you decide to tell your friend. Well that was a while ago. Do you think they have told the secret since then?
    She might later, but I don't think she has ever told anybody.
    I actually heard from my other friend that she had told a bunch of people! I'm so mad!
    No, I really can't see her doing that. She's too nice.
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    Your pet dog just had to be put asleep. You have had Sugar since you were a baby! What can you see your friend saying about it, when you come to her crying?
    "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I'll come by tomorrow with some brownies and we can watch a movie together. I will miss Sugar too. She was a great dog.":(
    "That's so sad! I hope you feel better!"
    "Wait, you had a dog?"
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    How many times do you think you've been over to your friends house?
    Oh, way too many times to count!
    Eh maybe twice every couple of months...
    I actually can't remember what her house looks like, but I know she has lots of other people over all the time.
  • 6
    You are driving to HEB and the rainy roads cause your car to slip and you get into a mild accident! What does your friend do?
    She writes a get well card and sends it to me.
    She texts, "Hope you feel better," and doesn't mention it again.
    She comes and visits me in the hospital, bringing flowers and lots of jokes to keep me happy.
  • 7
    Your friend is coming over! What do you end up doing the whole time?
    We talk mostly, sometimes on our phone.
    She's on her phone the whole. Freaking. Time. I was honestly so bored!
    Really random stuff, like making slime and jumping on the trampoline!
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    You won an award at school. Your friend really wanted the award too! How does she respond to your victory?
    She is fuming! She probably won't talk to me for a week!
    She is sad, and maybe even mad! But she does congratulate me.
    I know she is sad, but she congratulates me and I offer to share the prize if I can.
  • 9
    There is a huge test at school, and let's be honest, you bombed it! Your friend, on the other hand, aced it! What can you see your friend saying?
    "Oh, I got an A. If you want I can talk you through some stuff."
    "I'm sorry. We can definitely have a study time together at my house and I'll help you through the hard stuff."
    "Ha! I totally aced it. Oh my god, you did so bad, Better luck next time! Haha!"
  • 10
    Okay, last question, and this one is deep. Do you think your friend would die for you?
    No, definitely not.
    Maybe, but she would die for anyone.
    Yes, I honestly think she would.

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TheVeryFluffyPup ( 77414 )
Posted 29 days ago
nonono what the flip why waaaaaaat
Brown lilly ( 39050 )
Posted 69 days ago
I don't think I can even trust her
annonymous ( 27696 )
Posted 75 days ago
Well if you really want to know the true reason i dont trust her is because she talks about me behind my back. She pretty much talks about all her friends ,which is messed up, She even ruined a girl's life by spreading rumors about her and her secrets. So yeah thats why i think the girl im writing about is fake. And also my bestfriend talks to the girl and my bestfriend told me straight up that she does talk about me , and my bestfriend never ever lied to me. So yeah ;/