What kind of a person are you?

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Ever wonder what kind of person you are? Are you good? Bad? Somewhere in between? Find out here!

  • 1
    If someone in front of you accidentally drops their wallet, what would you do?
    Slide the wallet in front of them so they notice it
    Pick up the wallet and give it back
    Pick it up, take some money out of it, then give it back
    Take the wallet. It's their fault for losing it.
  • 2
    You are having dinner with your best friend. The bill comes. What do you do?
    Offer to pay, but if your besto refuses, let them pay
    Pay for dinner, refusing to let your besto pay
    Let them pay, they offered:/
    Offer to pay for dinner, if your besto refuses, let them pay - but pay for the next one
  • 3
    You see someone getting shoved around and yelled at. What do you do?
    Walk by the scene, ignoring them. Not my problem.
    Confront the bullies and tell them off. Comfort the person afterwards
    Confront the bullies, but leave the person alone afterwards
    Wait for the bullies to stop, then walk over and comfort the person
  • 4
    You see your girlfriend crying. What do you do?
    Walk over and comfort her
    When she finishes crying, you would walk over and ask what's wrong
    Leave her be. If she's upset she'll want some space
    Walk over and sit with her, comfort her, ask her what's wrong, then try and help her
  • 5
    Your driving along a wet and slippery road at night. You see a car slide off the road and crash. What do you do?
    You continue to drive on but park further up the road and call an ambulance
    Stop your car and run to the scene. You call an ambulance
    Stop your car and run out, you rush to the crashed car and see if the person (or people) are alright. You offer to help and call an ambulance
    You continue driving. Someone will eventually come.
  • 6
    You find a stray puppy in your back garden. What do you do?
    Bring it in to your home. Nurture it, take care of it, then bring it to a vet and adopt it
    Bring it in to your house and care for it. Bring it to a vet and let them take care of it further
    Immediately bring it to a vet. Let the vets take care of it
    Shoo it away! I hate dogs!
  • 7
    A friend's grandmother has just passed away. How do you comfort her?
    By reminding her of all the happy memories of her grandmother
    By hugging her and telling her it'll be okay
    By hugging her and telling her it's alright. Stay with her until she feels better
    By doing nothing. She'll get over it.
  • 8
    You're standing in a long line. A super annoying toddler who's screaming it's head off is standing in front of you. Suddenly, the toddler kicks your shin. The kids mother doesn't seem to notice. What do you say?
    "Excuse me, lady, your kid just kicked me in the leg - I'm not angry, just pay more attention to what your kid's doing."
    You say nothing, but give the kid a warning glare
    You say nothing - it's just a kid after all
  • 9
    Your out shopping and you spot a pair of jeans you've wanted FOR EVER. Just as you reach it a teen girl grabs it before you do. What do you do?
    Let her have it, she did take it first after all
    Let her have it, but you're a bit annoyed afterwards
    Ask her if she really really really wants them, if she says yes, you let her have it - but hang around until she's done trying them on, and if they don't fit her, you take the jeans
    Grab them off her and run off with them. SHE'S not the one who's been waiting ages to get them! My precioussss.....
  • 10
    Finally, you're out on the town with a group of friends. You walk by a poor homeless person. He asks you for some money. What do you do?
    You reach into your pocket and give him a €5 note (or $)
    You search around in your pocket and drop a few coins at his feet
    EW HOMELESS PERSON! You hurry along and completely ignore him.
    You quickly take out your wallet and give him €20 (or $)

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SophieIsDeBest (51499)
2 days ago
When you’re surprised that you actually got “A Good Person”