How Much Do You Know About The Seven Of The Heroes Of Olympus?

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Test your knowledge about the seven from the Prophecy of The Seven.

  • 1
    About: Leo Valdez. What was the name of Leo's Mom?
    Elizabeth Valdez: Struck By lightning
    Helen Valdez: In a Fire
    Esperanza Valdez: Poison
    Esperanza Valdez: In a fire
  • 2
    About: Leo Valdez. Who was ACTUALLY Tia Calliada? (Sorry If I spelt that wrong)
  • 3
    About: Hazel Levesque. Where did she live that was "Beyond the Gods' Reach"?
  • 4
    About: Hazel Levesque.
    Who was her first boyfriend?
    Frank Zhang
    Leo Valdez
    Jason Grace
    Percy Jackson
    Sammy Valdez
  • 5
    About: Jason Grace. How did Jason meet Piper and Leo?
    At camp
    At the grocery store (Really?)
    On a bus (Really)
    Introduced by Annabeth
    Introduced by Percy
  • 6
    About: Percy Jackson. What happened to his mother on Half-Blood Hill?
    Got killed by a Cyclops
    Got "Killed" By a minotaur
    Cot Captured by a Cyclops
    Ran into Thalia's Tree and knocked herself out
  • 7
    About: Annabeth Chase. What did her dad do to help Percy and Her when they were surrounded by monsters?
    Flew in on a plane and shot them with celestial bronze bullets
    Flew in on a plane and picked them up
    Hiked up and killed them with a gun with celestial Bronze bullets
  • 8
    About: Percy Jackson. What happened when he was on a test drive in Paul Blofis' car?
    He crashed and flew into the water
    He drove off of a cliff
    A pegasus flew in and dented the hood
  • 9
    About: Percy Jackson. When did he meet the girl with the gift of prophecy and where and what was her name? How did she help him?
    Reyna Ramírez-Arellano- He went in for a conference at Camp Jupiter, she gave him protection from Octavian when he went crazy
    Rachel Elizabeth Dare- Percy tried to stab her with riptide but She hid him from the skeletal warriors and sent them in the other direction at the Hoover Dam
    Yvette Harley Agone- She helped him in the chariot races by giving him a shield at Camp Half Blood to protect him from the Greek Fire
  • 10
    About: Frank Zhang. What happened to his mother? Who is his Godly parent?
    She died when she gave birth - Zeus
    She died in a fire - Apollo
    She died in a war - Ares
    She died in a war - Apollo
  • 11
    About: Piper McLean. What is her heritage and who is her Father?
    Italian - Mario McLean
    Cherokee - Tristan McLean
    German - Apollo
    Chinese - Joshua McLean
    African - Ares
  • 12
    About: Jason Grace. What happened to him as a child? Who are his sister and godly parent?
    He got left with Lupa the wolf by his mother - His dad is Jupiter and his sister is Thalia Grace
    E was trapped in his house when a fire was happening - his sister is Quinn Grace and his Godly parent is Athena
    He was placed into a burning fireplace to become immortal but got interrupted by his mother - his sister is Penelope Grace and his godly parent is Posiden
  • 13
    About: Frank Zhang. How did he get claimed?
    By Mars in front of everyone
    By Apollo at home
    By Apollo in front of everyone
    By Ares at home
  • 14
    About: Annabeth Chase. What happened to her when she and Percy were on the water ride that made her have a panic attack?
    Mechanical Spiders surrounded them
    Percy fell into the water
    Percy touched Aphrodite's scarf

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Percy mom never dies