Do I like him (accurate)?

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This test isn't like other tests. This test will help even you determine if you like him without even knowing the answer! And nowhere in this test does it ask if you like him! So have fun!

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    Are you friends with him?

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Lumes (77438)
22 hours ago
I'm not really sure If I like this dude, Our friendship is kinda love-hate-ish. We often get into fights and he calls me names...But then again I annoy him for fun. He's really cute and I enjoy talking to him. He considers me as a friend (Which is a great start) But he loves someone else...Honestly, I don't wanna like him. I don't wanna get between him and his love interest... But sometimes I can't help but be a little flirtatious with him. He just goes kinda silent when I say he's cute or whatever...or he gets defensive and calls me some stupid name >.< Thought I'd share this since the others were sharing their experiences.
Babe (83378)
There is this boy in my class he likes me but I don't like home and he is ugly and soooooooo nasty😝
lol (91746)
7 days ago
Half of the questions dont apply to me or the answers dont, this feels really typical
me...ya know? (78585)
8 days ago
There's this guy that my best friend likes and I don't like him but everyone thinks I do and I'm dating and my boyfriend thinks I like him but I talk to him a lot for my best friend plus me and him are like best friends and I wouldn't ever date him bc he's like my brother and that would be so gross and best friend likes him so...
PotatoQueen (05950)
10 days ago
Same situation Pusheenlover 😆
Elisiya (69682)
10 days ago
I like this guy but my friend used to date him so i cant date him!
Anonymous (78047)
11 days ago
To ugandanknuckles: I think you like him alot if you feel like that when you think about them or when your around them. You could try to get to know him better for starters.
eVoLvE (24347)
16 days ago
I think you can improve a little. Pretty accurate, but I would suggest a few changes. The questions were dead giveaways that I "like" him.
Kitkatcassie (73746)
16 days ago
The day I took this test was actually his birthday question 10
ugandanknuckles (03052)
17 days ago
i think about this guy ALOT. i always want to talk to him, sit with him in class, im always looking for him, and look at him from a distance lmao but when i am with him, i dont really feel any butterflies but when i think of him, sometimes i feel warm inside or i feel the sllightest increase in my pulse. but majority of the time, no butterflies. help? my feelings dont kno da wae
yay (74718)
21 days ago
omg i love this test lol
Pusheenlover (14047)
22 days ago
I’m in middle school, I really like this guy who is one of my BEST friends, we just met at the beginning of the school year! I want to tell him I like him, but he’s only my SECOND crush and I don’t know what to do!
Mystery (girl) (45747)
22 days ago
TO Jadp :

SAMEEEEEEEE But i really like him but its not meant to be =(
Someone you may or may not know (17874)
26 days ago
I'm 100 percent sure he likes me, we used to be a thing now I just keep pushing him away bc I don't want to get hurt..When I'm around him I hate him when we talk over text I like him...I have to many mixed feelings..witch one is it..Plz help if u know
Anonymously Anonymous (74626)
36 days ago
Border look If you don’t like the way that your relationship is going, let him know. You don’t have to break up, just say that you don’t really like how it’s going. Maybe if you really want to break up do so but in a very nice way...? I don’t really know since I’ve actually never been in a relationship and I’ve literally only (not, according to the quiz) liked this one guy before. I tried my best :p
Purrple (06130)
37 days ago
I like him,i really do.
Jadp (48424)
39 days ago
He likes me (im 85 % sure) but some part of me feels like he's just messing around with younger girls (I'm 6th He's 7th) I guess I like him but Idk if I would,make that relationship public if it ever happened... I could live with out him but he's still cute though
Zelda (60215)
42 days ago
I guess I like him
Ahmsbaker (91783)
43 days ago
lol I like him but don’t love him I don’t know him that well and I don’t think he likes me more then a friend
Border look (14117)
48 days ago
I'm in a relationship with him. I got caught up with the moment and said yes. But I don't want it. He says he really likes me. And that it'd be the end of him if I leftuggg help