First Period Estimation Quiz

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Wondering when you'll get your first period? This is the quiz for you! Please rate and comment with your result!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom in comparison to you when she got it?
  • 3
    Do you have discharge?
  • 4
    If so, how long have you had discharge?
  • 5
    How much do you weigh?
  • 6
    Have you started to develop breasts?
  • 7
    How big are your breasts?
  • 8
    How many of these symptoms have you experienced?
    Cramps, mood swings, spotting, headaches, tiredness, sleeplessness, cravings, acne, tender breasts, and body odor.
  • 9
    Do you have any public hair?
  • 10
    Do you have any underarm hair?
  • 11
    What do you think of this quiz? ( Won't affect your result)

Comments (18)


heloo (28404)
27 days ago
Public hair😂😂 also thanks this helper me
Rolexi (52658)
33 days ago
3 weeks - 2 months!! Woohoo
jjmontoy (46121)
65 days ago
kaykay some people get it without breasts
Ava (45852)
67 days ago
I think this is accurate
Kaykay (22507)
71 days ago
Hey guys, it said 2-3 weeks, but ny breasts arent even fully devap
Loped.. and all of the other quizzes said that aswell, if not tbey said 2-3 months!! Wat do i believe? ♡♡plz help..
Cattie (10800)
75 days ago
Hey guys . Listen don't be scared it will be ok take a pad with you . Do some research be aware of everything . You can't talk to pe coaches . Friends . Parents and nurses . It happens to basically everything girl in the world .
freaking out (58377)
75 days ago
i am really freaking out. mine said now to 3 weeks. im really really scared
Lapis (55559)
76 days ago
I'm glad to hear that you think it's accurate Melanaka!
Melanaka (10352)
78 days ago
Seems legit! I got now to 3 weeks idk lol
But this looks pretty darn accurate
Let's hope!
love you
Meagan (68965)
89 days ago
User133222 I will say 1-3 months
User133222 (46977)
95 days ago
Mine said now- 3 weeks but idk can someone estimate please?!?
I am 13
Mom got hers at 12
Discharge for about 6 months
Moody- A LOT
No spotting
I had cramps for 4 days in a row last month but I haven't ever since
Underarm hair - fully developed
Hair down there- half- full
A bit of acne

PLEASE ESTIMATE all my friends got theirs even younger friends
Period close (21386)
96 days ago
Mine said 2-6 months
-w- (60187)
96 days ago
i think its right cuz i did 2 quizzes with the same answer
lovely (71596)
97 days ago
TYTG...can you plz check out my quiz and tell me if it's accurate it says first period estimator made by lovely thanks
Lapis (60013)
97 days ago
Thanks TYGT, I'm happy to know that it's accurate!
TYTG (00714)
98 days ago
Lol I had my first period 2 weeks ago so I just took this quiz to see what it says and you're kind of right, now- 3 weeks. Like your quiz!
Eden (23257)
99 days ago
Flower, we're in the exact same boat! I can be scared at some times and really anxious at other times-which probably means I'm close. Whatever you do or wherever you go remember to bring a small bag with pads/pantyliners/tampons/underwear/etc just so you're prepared if your period ever sneeks up on you.
Flower (79047)
102 days ago
Can I trust this quiz?!? It said really soon and I'm scared