What NBA Team would want you?

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Have you ever wanted to know what team in the NBA you'd help the most if you were on their team? The answer is here.

  • 1
    What position do you play?
    Power Forward
    Small Forward
    Point Guard
    Shooting Guard
  • 2
    What is your secondary position (if you have one)?
    Power Forward/Center
    Shooting Guard
    Small Forward
    Don't have one
    Point Guard
  • 3
    What is your best attribute
    You can rise for dunks and catch lob passes. You're athleticism makes you a beast
    You can rebound and rise above everyone else/ you have a killer post up move
    You can be deadly on defense. You're not too physical, but players of the opposing team try to avoid you
    You're a deadeye shooter who can nail deep threes anytime
    You're a speed demon who tries to slash their way to easy lay ups
  • 4
    Late Game Situation! There's 8 seconds left in a regular season game. Your team is down by two. A three wins the game. A two gets you to overtime. You . . .
    Try to draw a foul. If the ref doesn't call a foul, you know no one will blame you
    Try to find a teammate open at the three point line so you can pass it to them
    Try to find a cutting teammate you can pass to for the layup and overtime
    Try to find a spot you can shoot your three point bomb for the win
    Try to find an opening in defense so you can take it to the rack
  • 5
    What type of team would you like to be a part of?
    A team that is very bad. I like to be the main guy
    A team that is very good. Even if I'm not the star, we still get to win a lot
    A team I can lead an offense with. I like to man a fast break and dash up and down the floor.
    A team that has no great passer. My passing ability can the team power their offense
    A team that has passing but no real scoring source. I can be the one to put points on the board.
  • 6
    What is your personality like ON the court?
    I like to be gentle person. I don't talk to the other team much but I am very nice to my teammates.
    I am very quiet. I don't talk very much
    I am very nice to the other team, but if they do something bad to me or a teammate, Mr. Nice Guy is OUT!
    I assert myself on the team. If someone does something wrong, I am the first tell them.
    I am very nice to other people. I like to have fun with my teammates and friends.
  • 7
    What is your personality like OFF the court?
    I like to be nice and greet my teams fans. But fans of another team I am quick to ignore
    I am very quiet and I don't talk very much unless I have to
    I am very friendly to the fans. I am nice to lots people I meet . . . Except a few
    Does it matter?
    I am very social with other players. No matter if they're on my team or off.
  • 8
    Late Game Situation! The stakes are higher. Your team is (ironically) down by two points in a playoff game. It's win or go home. There's 10 seconds left. You . . .
    You pass off the ball and try to find an open teammate, no matter where they are
    Power your way through defense, throw up a crazy shot you can make, and win the game
    Try to go into the lane. If you get bumped, you try to oversell it for a foul
    Throw your long ranged, three point bomb for the win. Not only are the best player, but you're the hero now
    Freeze up because it's a playoff game. You let another teammate do the work
  • 9
    What type of weather do you like best?
    Sunny, sunny, sunny
    Cloudy and dark
    I don't care
    Hot and dry
    Cold and snowy
  • 10
    What is your projected height?

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