What school subject are you?

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We all have been to school once in our lives. In fact, most of us are still at school. There are lots of subjects you can take at school but which one suits you most?

  • 1
    What word best describes you?
  • 2
    What do you like about school?
    How fun it is!
    You can be really creative with your work
    You get to learn a lot!
    It prepares you for the future.
    All the opportunities it gives you.
  • 3
    Which of these colours do you like most?
  • 4
    How many people do you like to work with on a project?
    I honestly don't care!
    By myself. I need to concentrate!
    I like groups of 2. It works best in partners.
    In small groups. You know. 3-4.
    In a large group. Maybe 7-8 people
  • 5
    Typing, writing? Both?
    I like neither! I want to act it out on a stage.
    I like to do a mix of typing and writing! It's good to mix it up.
    Writing in a book!
    I'm not sure. That's a toughie.
  • 6
    What kind of teacher do you like most?
    One who's very stern. That's what keeps me on track!
    A very smart teacher. Like really smart.
    A teacher who's very funny and tells great jokes.
    One who helps a lot! I want them to be kind.
    I prefer no teacher! I have books and websites, why need a human?
  • 7
    What sounds like the best homework ever?
    Making a huge presentation on another country!
    Making a 3 minute long play.
    Creating your own laws.
    Writing a narrative
    Creating a website!
  • 8
    Which food do you like most?
    I don't have a favourite!
    Fruit and Energy drinks.
    Cupcakes, Lollies, Chips. Anything with SUGAR!
    Anything exotic!
    Pastries and juice!
  • 9
    If someone was being mean to you, how would you handle it?
    I'd cry for hours and not tell anyone.
    I'd go tell a teacher. It has to be done!
    I'd try to sort things out peacefully with hugs and kind words.
    I'd fight back and tell them to stop it.
    I'd write something mean about them online
  • 10
    You've won a million dollars! What do you spend it on?
    I'd save it all up for something like a car when i'm older
    A cool camera, a microphone, stage lights and a whole bunch of dance equipment
    Awesome stationary and lots of stuff to decorate my room with!
    The latest technology!
    A whole bunch of books, toys and games

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