Does he like you?

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You are obsessed with him and you want to know if he feels the same way. Believe me, I'm a guy, I should know.

  • 1
    First of all, are you wasting your time? How much do you like him?
    Eh.... just a bit interested...
    Oh my god, I LOVE HIM!
    I quite like him. I want to be in a relationship.
    Really like him!
  • 2
    If you're at school, how often do they talk with you in lessons, or at break/lunch?
    Eh... a little.
    In my dreams...
    Quite often. Most days.
    Not at school/don't have lessons together
  • 3
    If you bump into him accidentally, how does he respond?
    Eh. He just shrugs it off.
    I wish we ever got that close together...
    Blushes and quickly walks away
    Gives a dirty look
    Smiles and starts talking to you
  • 4
    Who initiates conversations?
    No-one. We don't talk.
    Always me. He responds nicely, though.
    About half and half.
    Usually him.
    Me. He tries to finish conversations quickly though.
  • 5
    How often do you talk on Whatsapp, text, facebook etc?
    Sometimes, though I usually get one-word answers.
    Every spare second.
    All the time, and he's a total flirt.
    Quite often, I guess.
  • 6
    Do his friends start pointing and laughing when you're near him?
    No. I've never seen his friends.
    Nope. They just give me dirty looks, and he joins in.
    Yes. It's really confusing.
    Sometimes. They are friendly with me, though.
    Not really. I'm friends with them too though.
  • 7
    What type is he? If none of them, pick the closest one.
    Super popular
  • 8
    Does he look you in the eye when you talk to him?
    We. Don't. Talk.
    Yes, quite confidently.
    No. He blushes and turns away.
    He just looks everywhere.
    Yeah, but quite nervously.
  • 9
    Does he flirt?
    No, he avoids me.
    Yeah, all the time.
    Well, he told me he likes me so.....
    No. We just talk about serious stuff.
    Eh.....I don't know.
  • 10
    Does he compliment you?
    Yeah, he keeps calling me beautiful.....
    Yeah, but quite shyly.
    I think he did once.
  • 11
    Do YOU think he likes you?
    Actually, I'm pretty sure.
    For certain.
    Why do you think I'm doing this quiz?
    I doubt it.
  • 12
    Do you share the same interests?
    I don't know his interests.
    No. We're quite different people.
    All of them!
    Most of them. We can have a good debate though.
    Some, some not.
  • 13
    Have you ever hinted at liking him, and how has he responded?
    Not well. Really not well.
    No, I've never.
    Yeah, and he was blushing so much.
    Nope, and I don't intend to.
    Yeah, but he shrugged it off.
  • 14
    Does he seem to do things to get closer to you?
    Yeah, all the time.
    Never. He avoids me, remember?
    Not really.
    Quite often.
    Sometimes, I guess.
  • 15
    This was my first quiz, how did I do? (This won't affect your score.)
    It was OK.
    I liked it. Thanks!
    It was amazing!

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