How good are you in Minecraft?

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This test will tell you how good you are doing in Minecraft. Not by true or false questions, but by having situations.

  • 1
    What do you do when you first spawn in Minecraft? (this is going to get a little harder, and you will decide what to do and most answers are not right you wrong... kinda.)
    Look for a village
    Chop a chunk of wood down, get stone, coal, torches and all that kind of stuff.
    Already trick questions? Your born as a baby, and you can't walk! And you said the sentence inside the () to double trick us.
    Go look for a chest
    You've just spawned! Take a few minutes to look around, then get to work.
  • 2
    You see a tall, dark creature. What do you do?
    Put a block right over your head, then stare at it
    I don't need it's stuff. Ignore and walk away
    Take your sword and charge at the monster
    Take a minute to look at it because it's not hurting you
    Lol. This is not real
  • 3
    You decide to fight zombies. What do you use?
    Aha! This is not even Minecraft! This whole quiz is fake!
    Um... I'll use blocks to fight
  • 4
    What about skeletons?
    What about them?: D
  • 5
    Your surrounded by spiders! What do you do? (they are about 10 blocks away from you but you are still surrounded.)
    Put cobblestone fast around you, then dig under you
    Spiders are really small and they don't mean to hurt you unless they fell attacked so just step over them.
    Quickly mine 3 blocks under you, then cover the block over you, and escape
    Try to find a way out (even though you are surrounded)
  • 6
    A creeper is heading towards you. act!
    Put blocks fast before it attacks
    The only creeper I know is my little bother/sister.
    Just move away
    Block with your shield! (let's say your on the computer...)
    Your funny. just hit the creeper, then take a step back before it explodes and hit it again
  • 7
    You see the end portal. Do you get in? what do you bring with you?
    Every end is a new beginning!
    I'll get in if I have diamond armor, A sword for an endermen, a bow for the dragon, an enchantment table to use ones a dragon is killed, a piston for an egg, and if I need the stuff there
    You don't know what to expect, so a sword and armor
    I don't need to bring so much stuff. A bow for a dragon, a piston for an egg - an armor would be nice, but if I don't have any I don't want to waste time on it.
  • 8
    (This content is Minecraft fiction but let's say it's true for Minecraft.) You figure out you and ONLY you can fight a user, and if you win, the world will be saved. If you loose you will die and the world will be destroyed. You going?
    If I have not other choice...
    Why would I care if a fake game dies?
    Duh. But I will ask how much time I have, cause I need to prepare.
    Try to sneak in TNT under the battlefield
  • 9
    You've defeated the enderdragon and return home! What do you do now?
    Keep doing the things that Minecraft does
    Other (If it's similar to one then but that one) (if it's similar to 2 then measure by the 0.000001. If you can't do that, pick random)
    Wow. Like I'll quit now.
    This is no funny I'm already home
  • 10
    What do you think you score will be?
    It's going to say i'm a pro at Minecraft
    It's going to say i'm OK at Minecraft
    It's going to say this whole thing was a trick and that i'm really smart for thinking it out
    Why you asking?
    Listen... i'm a noob. I took this quiz for fun

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